This lists all of the changes to our Analytify for WooCommerce Add-on:

– v 2.0.2 27th Feb, 2017

  1. BugFix: Transactions recording fixed
  2. Enhancement: 100% Translatable now

2.0.1 13th Nov, 2016

  1. BugFix: Tracking – Optimized
  2. Added revenue column for each Country
  3. Show Country by sales data only when Sales are greater than zero

1.0.3 16th July, 2016

  1. [BugFix] Missing tracking for non WooCommerce pages

1.0.2 7th January, 2016

  1. [BugFix] Code cleanup
  2. [New Feature] Translation ready
  3. [New Feature] Adding spanish language

1.0.1 14th September, 2015

  1. [New Feature] Funnel Steps
  2. [Bug Fix] DatePicker styling fix
  3. [New Feature] Currency tracking
  4. [Bug Fix] Error handling
  5. [New Feature] Set WooCommerce Dashboard Access levels

1.0.0 28th June, 2015

Initial release.

Google Analytics 4

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