How To Add Your Domain On Google Analytics

WordPress Analytify is one of the most unique WordPress plugin ever. It makes user life simple and saves a handsome amount of time by showing all their website stats on WordPress Dashboard. Not only this WordPress Analytify has a WooCommerce addon that gives an excessive amount of data of each product, including no of clicks on a product, how many time-specific products add to the cart. Here we will discuss How To Add Your Domain On Google Analytics

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Top WordPress Backup Plugins In 2021

Have you ever lost your WordPress website data due to a security breach or due to a server crash?

By creating or taking regular backups of your WordPress website, you can secure your Website from any kind of hacking attack or can easily recover your important information whenever you want.

There are different ways you can easily take a backup of your website. You can easily save your website files and data manually, but it takes a lot of time. There is an easier solution for this problem is to use WordPress Backup plugins that will automatically create a backup of your WordPress website.

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Google Ranking Factors For A Website Or Blog In 2020

Did you know that there are more than 200+ Google ranking factors or SEO ranking factors? Google is one of the famous search engines on the earth planet. Google search engine dominates all the famous search engines like Yahoo, Bing. Almost 5.14 billion-plus searches taking place on Google search engines each day. That’s the thing, everyone wants to rank higher on Google Search results.

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Google Update: Core Web Vitals Becoming Ranking Signals in May 2021 Update

Google announce that Core Web vitals are going to become ranking signals for search in May 2021 Google Update that will also combine existing UX-related signals. Here, we are going to discuss the New Google core web vitals Update that will roll out in May 2021 in which Core Web Vitals Becoming Ranking Signals.

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Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Version GA4

Google introduce, new Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Version GA4 2020 with new 4 amazing features for the marketers plus one major update that we need to discuss for a website or online business owners that now tracking ID of Google Analytics is change now from Universal tracking ID UA-xxxxxx-x to Upgraded tracking ID G-xxxxxx-x with other new features to help the marketers.

Here, we are going to discuss Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Version GA4 and new amazing features of Google Analytics.

First, we will discuss Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Tracking ID G-xxxxxxx-x or change in tracking code.

Right now Google Analytics 4 is in beta version, so the current users don’t need to panic but in the future, they need to change the tracking code or Tracking of Google Analytics on their website from UA-xxxxxx-x to G-xxxxxx-x .  

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How To Share Your Google Analytics Reports With Others

Would you like to learn how to share your Google Analytics report with others? Sharing analytics data is a great way to gain the trust of your customers, team members, and your business partners.

To share your Google Analytics data with your clients or business partners, you need to give them access to your Google Analytics account which is risk-taking.

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Analytify VS MonsterInsights – Which WordPress Plugin Is Best In 2020?

Are you looking for a platform to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website? But you don’t know which plugin is best for your website Google Analytics Integration. Here, we are going to discuss the major Google Analytics plugins that are used to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website.

Here, we will discuss and compare Analytify vs MonsterInsights Plugin and discuss their differences and similarities according to their functionalities plus discuss their different features that which platform has more features or functionalities.

Analytify and MonsterInsights are one of the most famous WordPress Analytics plugins that will help you to integrate your WordPress website with Google Analytics. But also provide you different tracking features to track the website traffic or visitors and real-time traffic. These Google analytics plugins help you to take business decisions for your online platforms. But there is a huge difference between these plugins how they work and how they track the traffic of your WordPress website.

Now, let’s start

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Analytify and Cookie Notice

Since 2.1.8, Analytify added the full support for “Cookie Notice for GDPR”. Analytify will not track the user until he/she accept the cookie. To add this feature add the below code in your theme functions.php file.

* Add GA code if cookie is accepted.
function analytify_cookies_notice_compatibility( $ga_code ) {
// if cookie notice installed and cookie not accepted. Don't add tracking code.
if ( function_exists('cn_cookies_accepted') && ! cn_cookies_accepted() ) {
return '';
return $ga_code;
add_filter( 'analytify_ga_script', 'analytify_cookies_notice_compatibility' );


You may have already heard about GDPR, as I was also getting tons of emails from the online services I use on the web that they are updating their Privacy Policy.

On the 25th of May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force. European Union GDPR is the most important change regarding data privacy ever happen in the history of the internet.

Many Internet services have been scrambling to get in compliance with the new standards — and Google is no exception.  As Analtify is a famous Google Analytics plugin for WordPress we did some dramatic changes in our plugin to make your site GDPR compliance.

We have added features in Analytify that make it GDPR Compliance for our EU customers. Following are the features that can make this happen.

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How to get Google API from Google Developers console

Hi! Are you going to creating an application that requires Google data for it? For this purpose, you need Google APIs. Google Developers Console is a site that is used by the developers for managing and viewing traffic data, authentication, and billing information for Google APIs. To access the Google APIs our project must be registered on Google Developers Console with your Gmail.

When we creating a project on the Google Dev console, Google keeps track of which applications are making requests to their APIs and make sure that the API is not being extremely spammed by one application.

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