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How to Hide/Display the Analytics Under Post/Pages Inside the WP-Admin?

You can display Google Analytics under the Post/Pages and Custom Post Types right inside the WordPress Dashboard. This can give an instant overview of a specific post/page performance. You can also disable this option if you are not interested to show the Analytics under the Post/Pages and Custom Post Types.

In order to Disable this option follow the given steps

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate for Analytify>Settings>Admin
  2. Inside the Admin see the Disable Analytics under posts/pages (WP-Admin)
  3. Enable the option “Disable Analytics under posts/pages (wp-admin)”¬†and click on the Save Changes¬†button.

Note: By enabling this option, the Analytics will stop showing under the posts/pages and custom post types, and if want to display the analytics then Disable the option from Yes to No.

Disable analytics under posts/pages (wp-admin)

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