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How to Setup Email Notification Addon

Email Notification addon allows WordPress to send the Google Analytics report via email automatically. Once you install and activate Email addon. Go to Analytify Settings -> Email tab. Here you will see the settings screen like this.



Let me explain all the settings one by one.

From Name:  Here you can set the name of the sender. If you leave this field empty, WordPress use the default setting.

From Email: Here you can set the email of the sender.  If you leave this field empty, WordPress use the default setting.

To Email Address: Its one of the important settings. Add email to those to whom you want to send the report email.

Select Email Stats: From this settings, you can add or remove the stats section from the email.

Select Time: From there, you can set the time period when the email will be sent to users. Let say when you select the “Every Week” option, the stats reports will be sent after every 7 days and if sent “Every Month” option, the report email will be sent after 1 month.

Your Agency Logo: From here you can set your logo which will be placed on the top of every email.

Hide ‘Go To Dashboard' Button: On the bottom of every email report. There is button which will redirect user to WordPress dashboard. If you want to remove the button, simple check this option.