Hello WordPress world!

Hello WordPress Community, We had noticed there are not much Google Analytics plugins. Some of them exists but lack of features and continuous development. So, we decided to jump in with Analytify which makes Google Analytics Simple enough for WordPress users even for non-technical users can enjoy Google Analytics in their WordPress blogs or sites. Following graphic explains some of its features.

Key Features of Analytify WordPress Plugin
Key Features of Analytify WordPress Plugin


I am pasting one of the feedback from our customers which tells how this plugin is helping people in their lives.

“This plugin is extremely powerful because it takes the complex nature and navigation of the Google Analytics dashboard interface and makes it simple as simple can be. Having what this plugin provides, understandable breakdowns of your site’s traffic is powerful. The power is that even the average site admin and inexperienced Google Analytics person can clearly see how to optimize their site effectively. If you are a site manager of any client, this is a no brainer plugin to buy. The value it adds to you, your service and your client is priceless.”

To see what is being cooked for the next version, visit Changelog.


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