What’s new in WP Analytify PRO 1.3

We at Team Analytify have released WP Analytify PRO 1.3 a New Feature release and recommend everyone to update their plugin as soon as possible. Remember, This update needs to re-authenticate your plugin with Google Analytics. This update can be installed from inside your WordPress admin by going to the Updates page under your Dashboard menu.

If you didn't see an update for Analytify then you need to activate your license key in Analytify->settings->license tab.

Tutorial: How to activate your license.

1. [New Feature] New way to authenticate with Google Analytics. 

You don't need to copy and paste the Google Analytics access code anymore. Simply click on button ‘Log in with Google Analytics Account' and asks permission to access your Google Analytics data, come back and select your profiles from profile tab. that's it, no more hassles 🙂

Try that and let me know.

2. [New Feature] New Advanced Tab.

If you have a website with large audience, I recommend to use and create your own Google Console Project Credentials and enter the keys in advanced tab.

3. [New Feature] New add-ons page.

Introducing an Add-ons page which will list all of our add-ons related to Analytify.

4. [New Feature] De-activate WP Analytify if it is installed and Activate WP Analytify Pro.

It was creating a problem for the users which were shifting from WP Analytify Free version to Pro. So it wouldn't be an issue for them.

5. [New Feature ] Better notices management.

Better UI makes easy to use your software. So it is a small effort 😉

6. [New Feature] More language translation strings available now.

All the strings have been entered in .po file and you can translate the plugin in any language. Share your version of translation with us if it is not already translated and get a free upgrade to another license.

7. Load Analytics panel only for published posts.

First, Analytics panels were loading for all the posts. Now, It will load only for published posts.

8. Minor bug fixes and code cleanup.

As always, some minor bug fixes and code cleanup




To see full list of version update, see the changelog.   Cheers!!


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