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Our 1-Click setup, literally lets you setup within a minute, and stunning new chart, easily understandable and meaningful data will let you understand your visitor like never before. Look at our remarkable feature list.

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Why Analytify?

With over 40,000+ downloads, Analytify is the perfect solution for YOU. Hers’s why smart bloggers, Shop owners, Site managers, writers and editors love Analytify, and you will too!

Making difficult things easy

Instead of guesswork, understand, track and improve the mechanisms used to convert your first visitor into a valuable customers.

Enables Non Techies to understand Stats

This plugin enables the non technical editors who maintain the areas of your site to see the traffic associated with their posts.

Grow your Sales and Conversions

Shop owner because it is the first step of our optimization process. We track, we analyze, we optimize accordingly, and then.

Build your audience with valuable insights.

Keep energetic yourself and your team by sharing the stats of success because of there efforts. sharing the stats.

Effortless WordPress Integration

It has options to setup everything which makes integration of campaigns, ecommerce and email alerts easy.

Improves on-page ranking

Tracking is crucial because it is the first step of our optimization process. We track, we analyze, we optimize accordingly, and then.

Track, Analyze and optimise your content

Setup takes 60 seconds flat. What are you waiting for?

Eceptional Customer Services

All of our Client Care team works in our offices and is an experienced Web Meeting user ready to help you. Never outsourced.

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Question you might have in your mind

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Analytify. If you want to know anything else, just contact!

If you have a WordPress Website, and you want to understand your visitor (otherwise why you made the site anyway?), Analytify is your must have plugin.

You must have a Google Analytics account, and have your website profiles setup on it. This way, you can connect Analytify from your WordPress site to Google Analytics. This integrates Analytify and Google Analytics together.

No, It is very easy to setup. Just plug and play. Have fun!

Not at all. Analytify uses Google Analytics' Universal tracking JS code to track every event. Nothing is saved to your Database. Analytics are shown on the fly by default. To cache them on the specific Analytify dashboard, you can enable this option. Other than that, no page will save anything to the database.

It is translation-ready, for easy conversion to any language. Ask us about our special incentives for translators interested in joining the team.

No, Sorry. Analytify is only available for WordPress sites. We are working on our SaaS version and will let you know when it is ready to launch. Subscribe to our newsletter to get in touch.

Yes, You can setup Analytify on client sites. We recommend to set it up using their Google Analytics account email.

Yes, we would love to have you as a partner, Visit Affiliates section to learn more about our Affiliates Program.