8 Google Analytics Factors to Determine the Worth of Your Website

There are different things that considered while evaluating the website. Some people determine the value of a website based upon the traffic. Some of them look for the revenue, that a website is making.
Everyone has their own parameters to measure the value of a website. In this article, we will do the analysis of a website based on 8 Google Analytics Factors to Determine the Worth of Your Website.

Before starting this out make sure you are already familiar with Google Analytics account, and you are using the Google Analytics on your website. If You own a WordPress website you can use Analytify to see the analytics right inside the WordPress dashboard.

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How To Use Google Trends To Grab More Traffic For Website

Studies say that Updated and Trending content works best when it comes to grabbing more traffic and engagements. To find the trendy content, Google Trends comes into play, you can find the trending content about a niche that can be used to create content from scratch or you can be used in your existing articles. Here, we will discuss How To Use Google Trends To Grab More Traffic.

The best thing about Google Trend is that you can find the trends based on time, country, interest, and volume of the audience.  In Google trends you won’t find the exact numbers of the audience, there will be a score from 0 to 100.  If you find a trend that has a score of 100 that means this is a hot topic. 

You can use some other tools along with Google trends to get into more depth, such as some keywords research tools and the Adword Keyword Planner to find out the number of audiences and the height of competition.

How To Use Google Trends To Grab More Traffic

How to Use Google Trends?

Using Google Trends is not that much tricky, You need to go to Google Trends and select the country. After selecting the country you will see the option to enter the topic that you want to check, Also there you will be able to see the recent trending topics and the top trending topics from the past 7 days. 

Checking Trends for a Specific Topic For Existing Content 

For example, you wrote an article a year before, but that article stopped grabbing too much traffic, You can try to update that content by adding some trendy keywords inside that. Remember that, this won’t work for all niches so you need to be smart doing this. 

If your article is about I-phones, you can update the article by adding the new I-phone model into your article. It can give your article a boost

Finding The Trending Products For Ecommerce Stores and Affiliate Blogs

If you are running a store, where you sell products without keeping them in your inventory, or you are running an Amazon Affiliate blog. Finding a profitable and trending product is not an easy task. But using Google trends can help you to find a trending product to generate a quick profit. 

For example these days people are stuck in their homes due to CoronaVirus. The trend for online shopping has increased. Most of the products have been selling well but on the other side, some products have stopped selling. The outdoor gadgets, for example, skateboard, soccer shoes, fishing equipment have stopped selling but the products like home gym equipment, yoga mats, and kitchen accessories’ sales have increased by 200%.

You can see the graph shows that from the month of February people are interested in the home gym machine as compared to previous months. So it's the best time to target this product, You can use this product for your own store, or you can write a detailed review on your blog to generate sales with the Amazon Affiliate blog.

In this example you can see the soccer shoe trend has been down since the start of Covid19, The reason is very obvious. People do not tend to go out so they don’t need to purchase them unless this lockdown is over. So it's not a good idea to target this product.

Reading About Your Competitors 

You need to be ahead of your competitors in the market to perform well, But before competing with them you need to know about their potential. Using Google Trends you can compare your brand with your competitors. This can give you quick information about the audience and the behavior of you and your competitors.

In the graph, Amazon is presented with a blue color while eBay is shown in red color. This clearly shows that people are more interested in amazon as compared to eBay. These stats are based on the United States only. 

Finding New Topics 

Finding a topic to write about is not an easy job especially when there are a lot of competitors who are busy making quality content. So you need to come up with unique and trendy topics.

If you search a topic inside Google Trends it gives some related topics and related queries. You can use them to generate content for you. 

How To Use Google Trends To Grab More Traffic

You can get some ideas from these topics and queries to generate your own unique and trendy content. One thing you keep in mind that it doesn't stay only with the Google Trend results. You can use some other tools to verify the audience and competition of keywords. 

After publishing these topics on your blog, you need to track them whether they are working well for you or not. If you are a WordPress user you can use the Analytify (Tool to  see Google Analytics Inside the WordPress Dashboard )

5 Enhanced Ecommerce Reports That You Need To Understand Now

Relying solely on the quality of your product will fail to convert into sales. In today’s era, there are alternatives to everything. The reason why you need to understand Enhanced ECommerce Reports because it is the key to winning in this consumer-centric business environment is to understand you,r users. 

But how do you gather enough data to understand your users? And honestly, you might need data of long duration before you can make any solid judgment. Luckily you don't need to do it yourself on a spreadsheet, Google Analytics does exactly that. It gathers historical data about different metrics such as how the different stages of your purchasing funnel are doing, what is the overall conversion rate for your online store, what is the average order value, and so on. In this blog, you will learn about the 5 Key Enhanced Ecommerce Reports you need to read for improving your sales.

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Google Ranking Factors for a website or blog in 2020

Did you know that there are more than 200+ Google ranking factors? Google is one of the famous search engines on the earth planet. Google search engine dominates all the famous search engines like Yahoo, Bing. Almost 5.14 billion-plus searches taking place on Google search engines each day. That’s the thing, everyone wants to rank higher on Google Search results.

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How to Analyze Social Media Traffic [From Google Analytics] Within Your WordPress Site

Social Media has become so embedded in our day-to-day lives that it directly affects what products we buy, what places we go to eat, what clothes we wear, and so on. This particular consumer behavior is important for online sellers as well as bloggers. Unless they have the right Social Media Traffic metrics, they can’t formulate the perfect marketing campaign.

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Google Update: Core Web Vitals Becoming Ranking Signals in May 2021 Update

Google announce that Core Web vitals are going to become ranking signals for search in May 2021 Google Update that will also combine existing UX related signals. Here, we are going to discuss the New Google Update that will roll out in May 2021 in which Core Web Vitals Becoming Ranking Signals.

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How to Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics (Step by Step)

By default, there are many reports on Google Analytics, but a Custom Report is a report that you create yourself. You pick the dimensions (City and Browser, for example) and metrics (SessionsPageviews, and Bounce Rate, for example) and decide how they should be displayed. The only requirement to create Custom Reports in Google Analytics is you must specify at least one dimension and one metric. Here, we will discuss how to create custom reports in Google Analytics.

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Most Important Google Analytics Reports For WordPress Site

The number of WordPress Websites serving the same market segment is growing every day. The competition is growing harder every second. Only those Websites will stay afloat and retain their market segment who can exploit their strengths properly.

And in order to identify your strength, you need data. Like so many people, you might also be using Google Analytics, but the question is are you checking the most important google analytics reports? 

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Most Important Google Analytics Reports For SEO in WordPress

Good SEO is like the Soul of a Website. Strong SEO can keep your WordPress Website appearing on search results. On the other hand, if the SEO is weak, your WordPress Website might get very poor Organic Traffic. 

Moreover, SEO requires continuous efforts on your part. You need to frequently update the Keywords you are targeting. But you can only excel in SEO marketing when you have the right tools at your disposal. Luckily, Google Analytics Reports for SEO is the only tool you are going to need for improving both organic and referral traffic to your WordPress Site. Here we will discuss the important Google Analytics reports for SEO in WordPress

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Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Version GA4

Google introduce, new Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Version GA4 2020 with new 4 amazing features for the marketers plus one major update that we need to discuss for a website or online business owners that now tracking ID of Google Analytics is change now from Universal tracking ID UA-xxxxxx-x to Upgraded tracking ID G-xxxxxx-x with other new features to help the marketers.

Here, we are going to discuss Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Version GA4 and new amazing features of Google Analytics.

First, we will discuss Google Analytics 4 Upgraded Tracking ID G-xxxxxxx-x or change in tracking code.

Right now Google Analytics 4 is in beta version, so the current users don’t need to panic but in the future, they need to change the tracking code or Tracking of Google Analytics on their website from UA-xxxxxx-x to G-xxxxxx-x .  

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