How To Track The Easy Digital Downloads Sales Using Analytify

If you are running a store to sell your digital products, you might be concerned about increasing your sales. But increasing sales is not possible without reading your stats and analytics right. If you get enough ideas about your audience and about your top-performing products, you can put some extra efforts to take them to the next level. Tracking sales and audience behavior are very easy for Easy Digital Downloads using Analytify.

Since 2014 Google has introduced a new feature for the Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. It helps you to find the top-performing products, it tracks sales,  and tells the behavior of your customers. You can take advantage of this feature on your Easy Digital Store.

Why Is It Necessary To Enable The Easy Digital Downloads?

You can track the basic sales and reports inside the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. But these reports are really basic and they don’t give any idea about customer behavior and what's going on in the store. For advanced tracking, you will need to use the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce feature. You can either view the reports inside the Google Analytics account or you can use the Analytify. 

You will be able to track the following things using the Enhanced Ecommerce feature.

  • Shopping Behavior 
  • Checkout Behavior 
  • Product Performance 
  • Sales Performance 

How To Setup Easy Digital Downloads Tracking Using Analytify 

The process to enable the Easy Digital Downloads tracking is very simple. I assume that you have already installed the Analytify on your website and it's connected with the Google Analytics account already.

You have to enable the tracking for Easy Digital Downloads, In order to do this, you need to install the Analytfiy add-on for Easy Digital Downloads Tracking. After installing and activating the addon you need to enable the Enhanced Ecommerce feature inside the Google Analytics. 

To enable the Enhanced Ecommerce feature, you need to go to Google Analytics>Website Property>Admin > Ecommerce Setting 

Once you are inside the Ecommerce settings, you need to enable the Ecommerce reporting. And set up the basic funnel. In my case I’ve made three steps funnel, the checkout page, billing info, and proceed to payment. After creating the funnel click on the save button and you are all set to track your Easy Digital Downloads reporting. You can either see the reports inside the Google Analytics account or you can see the details inside the WordPress dashboard in a more advanced and easy way.

You can see all the detailed reports in one single frame. While if you go to Google Analytics, it will be so confusing and complex. You need to be an analytics expert in order to read the analytics inside Google Analytics, But if you choose the Analytify to read the Analytics you will be able to read them easily. 

You can’t just track the number of products added to cart or number of checkouts, you can track a lot more than that. 

Coupon and Refunds Tracking For Easy Digital Downloads 

Inside the coupon and refund tracking you can see which coupon code is hot selling for your digital store, so you can increase the quantity of that coupon code based upon the stats. Furthermore, you can see the refund reports that will help you to take some serious actions to reduce such refunds in the future. 

Checkout and Purchase Performance For Easy Digital Download

You can track the data about how many people added the products into their cart and how many finally ended up completing the transaction. If you see the big difference between the numbers of products added to the cart and the number of products purchased. Then you need to reconsider the pricing of your products or improve the flow of checkout.

Digital Product Performance 

You can track your top-performing digital product based upon the different parameters, such as total revenue generated, the total number of purchases, and less number of refunds. Once you have got an idea about the top-performing product now you can work further on this product to take it to the next level. 

Shopping Behavior Funnel For Easy Digital Downloads 

You can see the shopping behavior funnel inside your WordPress dashboard, you can track how many people came on your website, how many people added the product in their cart. You can also track the numbers of abandoned carts. 


If you read your analytics right you can optimize your Easy Digital Downloads store and you can increase the sales. Analytify and Easy Digital Download tracking addon can make your life so easy and can help you to increase your sales. 

How To Track WooCommerce Sales Using Google Analytics [Analytify]

Most of the eCommerce store owners spend a lot of money on establishing their store and marketing their products. By doing this they might get new customers and sales but the ROI they get is not too impressive. But the smart players play smartly. They keep an eye on their analytics and they run their campaign according to that Analytics. 

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PayPal Referral Exclusion in Google Analytics

We often get questions from our WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads add-on users when their source of traffic shows payment gateways URLs like etc

One way to stop tracking Paypal as a referral source is to add to your list of referral exclusions in Google Analytics. This is because anyone who visits your website from a referral source from a URL on your exclusion list will not start a new session if they were already engaged in an active session. Continue reading “PayPal Referral Exclusion in Google Analytics”

Analytify and Cookie Notice

Since 2.1.8, Analytify added the full support for “Cookie Notice for GDPR”. Analytify will not track the user until he/she accept the cookie. To add this feature add the below code in your theme functions.php file.

* Add GA code if cookie is accepted.
function analytify_cookies_notice_compatibility( $ga_code ) {
// if cookie notice installed and cookie not accepted. Don't add tracking code.
if ( function_exists('cn_cookies_accepted') && ! cn_cookies_accepted() ) {
return '';
return $ga_code;
add_filter( 'analytify_ga_script', 'analytify_cookies_notice_compatibility' );


You may have already heard about GDPR, as I was also getting tons of emails from the online services I use on the web that they are updating their Privacy Policy.

On 25th of May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force. European Union GDPR is the most important change regarding data privacy ever happen in the history of the internet.

Many Internet services have been scrambling to get in compliance with the new standards — and Google is no exception.  As Analtify is famous Google Analytics plugin for WordPress we did some dramatic changes in our plugin to make your site GDPR compliance.

We have added features in Analytify that makes it GDPR Compliance for our EU customers. Following are the features that can make this happen.

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Setup your account at Google Analytics

Everyone who has his/her website online wants to see how their website is performing. Google is a name we are all familiar since we started using the Internet. They have a measurement tool called Google Analytics which helps in growing our websites through Data Collection and Analysis.


So I wrote a simple step by step guide to set up an account at Google analytics. These instructions are for everyone who wants to use Google Analytics on their websites.

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Google Developers console

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