Forms Tracking in WordPress

As a business owner it is quite important to be aware of the conversion and interaction points on your website.
This feature makes it easier for non-technical users to get the most out of their Analytics as you don’t need to be a developer or analytics expert to set up this conversion tracking.

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Forms Tracking Settings

Forms Tracking Settings

We have integrations available for all the most popular forms including Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms etc.

Enable the forms tracking of the plugin you have installed on your WordPress website and start tracking.

If you have a Custom Form built without any forms plugin, you can track that form submissions as well.

Another form that we track other than forms plugin is, Search Form on your website.

Forms Analytics Dashboard

Forms Analytics Dashboard

Our Forms Analytics dashboard is a simplified way to showcase the form submissions to your clients.

Check out this doc to know more about Forms Tracking in WordPress.

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