Google Analytics Campaigns Manager For WordPress

You are Internet Marketer, Online store owner or freelancer. Everyone uses UTM parameters to track their campaigns. Our campaigns add-on helps you to identify the Analytics of your campaigns within WordPress. heck, Yes. You can see all your campaigns inside WordPress in once instance.

Features & Functionality

Analytify WooCommerce tracking offers advanced features and insights to help you better analyze and understand your store's performance.

Generate UTM URLs

Generate UTM URLs

You can generate here UTM tags URL and use it anywhere you want to track the links.

Track UTM Campaigns

UTM Campaigns Dashboard

Camapaigns dashboard contains a list of all the campaigns you have ran so far using UTM tags parameters. Every campaign is differentiated by its name and contains detailed statistics for each campaign.

The days are over when you or your client have to go to Google Analytics and spend a huge amount of time finding a report. We have brought everything inside WordPress Dashboard. And report in a way you understand, that makes sense.

Track, Analyze and optimise your content

Setup takes 60 seconds flat. What are you waiting for?