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Google Analytics 4 Tracking Icon
Google Analytics 4 Tracking

Quick and easy website tracking setup across multiple devices and campaigns with just a few clicks (No coding).

Google Analytics Dashboard Widget Icon
Google Analytics Dashboard Widget

One-stop solution: An easy-to-analyze GA4 report organized within your WordPress dashboard with all valuable insights.

Real-Time Stats Icon
Real-Time Stats

Quick access to real-time stats showing who is online, what they are doing, and much more, all within WordPress.

Social Media Stats Icon
Social Media Stats

Easy to understand social media reports inside your WordPress dashboard, keeping you on top of your game.

Campaign Tracking Icon
Campaign Tracking

Simplified management of your PPC and SEO marketing campaigns within your WordPress dashboard.

Enhanced eCommerce Tracking Icon
Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Easy-to-setup Google Analytics eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Custom Dimensions Icon
Custom Dimensions

Custom tracking for authors, categories, events, tags, searches, and users, all with a single click.

Front End Reporting Icon
Front End Reporting

View detailed stats for posts and pages on your front end without even a dashboard login.

Forms Tracking Addon Icon
Forms Tracking Addon

Track and measure all popular WordPress forms’ performance in one go, a powerful value addition.

Email Notification Addon Icon
Email Notification Addon

Set up weekly/monthly reports via Analytify PRO's Email Notifications Addon.

Page Level Analytics Icon
Page Level Analytics

Get detailed stats and quickly analyze your specific posts, pages, and sections.

Authors Tracking Addon Icon
Authors Tracking Addon

Identify which author is driving the most traffic, generating engagement, and even the bounce rate.

Custom Post Types Icon
Custom Post Types

Efficiently track different types of posts with dedicated stats for each.

Goals Dashboard Addon Icon
Goals Dashboard Addon

Our goals add-on helps you to identify the Analytics of your goals within WordPress.

UTM Campaigns Dashboard Icon
UTM Campaigns Dashboard

Manage list of all the campaigns you have ran so far using UTM tags parameters.

ShortCodes Icon

Easily integrate stats in your custom templates using shortcodes.

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Quick Google Analytics Setup on Your WordPress Site (No coding)

Without Analytify, you'll need coding knowledge or a developer to setup Google Analytics 4 correctly, with all its relevant tracking features.

Say goodbye to this daunting process and save precious time!

With Analytify, it's smooth and easy to set up Google Analytics in WordPress, as it should be. No coding, just a few-clicks solution after installing our plugin.

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Google Analytics Now With Stats That Make Sense

We know Google Analytics gets hard to understand on its own.

With Analytify, you can see all that complex information simplified in an organized manner right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Find all your general stats like sessions, visitors, page views, pages per session, bounce rate, and more in one place!

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Real-Time View of How People Use Your Website

Wondering how many visitors are live on your site right now?

Analytify Real-Time Report tells you exactly how many visitors are online, whether mobile or desktop users, the time spent on your website, top active pages, and more.

Use these valuable insights to analyze live user behavior all in real time!

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View All Your eCommerce Metrics in a Single Report

Get all your important online store metrics in a single report with effortless integration with GA4 enhanced ecommerce.

With Analytify, analyze all your eCommerce metrics, including completed purchases, transaction revenue, average order value, conversion rate, top-selling products, and more!

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