Advanced E-Commerce Tracking for WooCommerce with Analytify

Analytify WooCommerce tracking helps you track all the essential metrics for your e-commerce store with just a few clicks. With no coding or custom development required, Analytify WooCommerce tracking makes it easy to monitor your store's performance and optimize for success.

Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Tracking Features & Functionality

Analytify WooCommerce tracking offers advanced features and insights to help you better analyze and understand your store's performance.

Track Product Clicks, Impressions & Detail pages

Track Product Clicks, Impressions & Detail Pages

Analytify WooCommerce tracking lets you track your products' clicks, impressions, and detailed page views. This gives you a better understanding how users interact with your products and helps you improve product visibility and engagement.

  • Track clicks, impressions, and detailed page views
  • Analyze user behavior with your products
  • Optimize product visibility and engagement
  • Improve product performance

Coupons & Refund Tracking

Analytify also tracks coupons and refunds, allowing you to see how customers use them and which ones are the most effective. This helps you track when customers are using coupons and refunds, so you can better understand the impact of discounts on your business. Additionally, Analytify helps identify any fraudulent activity that may be occurring with coupons and refunds. You can take proactive steps to prevent future abuse by identifying these fraudulent activities.

  • See which coupons and refunds are being used the most
  • Track when customers are using discounts
  • coupons wise tracking
Country wise tracking

Country Wise Tracking

Analytify also offers country-wise tracking of your WooCommerce store, allowing you to see where customers come from and how they interact with your shop. With this data, you can optimize campaigns and promotions for different countries and tailor your shop to meet the needs of each country.

  • Track customers by country
  • Analyze performance in different countries
  • Tailor campaigns and promotions for different countries
  • Optimize your shop for the needs of each country.
Track Checkouts & Purchases

Track Checkouts & Purchases

Analytify allows you to easily track checkouts and purchases made through your WooCommerce store. You can quickly analyze customers' checkout and purchase behavior with an intuitive dashboard. See how many people are completing their checkouts, which stage of the process they are dropping off at, what type of products they buy, and where the traffic is coming from. This powerful data can help you identify areas for improvement and helps ensure that your customers have a smooth and enjoyable checkout process.

  • Track checkout sessions
  • Analyze customer behavior
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Measure the effectiveness of your promotions and campaigns

Products Performance

Analytify provides an overview of your product's performance, allowing you to quickly identify which are selling best and where your customers are dropping off. See how each product is performing, including its revenue, cart-to-detail rate, unique purchases, and buy-to-detail rate. This helps you understand which products are selling the most, giving you valuable insight into optimizing your shop and improving product performance.

  • Monitor product performance
  • Analyze customer purchase behavior
  • Identify trends and issues quickly
  • Optimize your shop for better performance.
Shopping Behaviour funnel

Shopping Behaviour funnel

Analytify lets you track customer behavior across the entire checkout process with a shopping behavior funnel. This powerful visualization helps you identify potential issues and pinpoint where your customers drop off. See how many people completed the checkout process, what page they abandoned, and which products were added to their carts. With this data, you can optimize your shop and ensure a smooth customer checkout experience.

  • Track customer behavior throughout the checkout process
  • Visualize shopping behavior funnels
  • Identify potential issues quickly
  • Optimize your shop for a better customer experience

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