Analytify 2.0 Is Here!

The time has come! Eagle has landed! Analytify 2.0 is released in the wild. It’s available for free, just go to your WordPress update screen and you could update, hassle free.

Analytify 2.0


Analytify 2.0 is huge. Just look at the Changelog –

  • Enhancement : New clean UI design
  • Enhancement : Changed underlying directory structure
  • Enhancement : Refactored code
  • Enhancement : removed traditional analytics js – GA recommends analytics.js
  • Enhancement : Quick Tabbed navigation. No page reload.
  • Enhancement : Profile Tab – Hide Profiles list
  • Enhancement : loading stats with ajax
  • Enhancement : Our Core plugin is Free and required for all add-ons and pro upgrade.
  • New Feature : Page exit and Entrance stats
  • New Feature : Social Media Statistics
  • New Feature : Anonymize IP Address
  • New Feature : Force Analytics Traffic Over SSL
  • New Feature : Track User ID
  • New Feature : Demographic & Interest Tracking
  • New Feature : Help Tab
  • New Feature : Diagnostic Info and Error log
  • New Feature : Shows Comparison up or down Stats
  • New Feature : Every post row has a direct link of Stats which takes to next page screen and takes to stats section.
  • New Addon : Enhanced ecommerce Google Analytics for Easy Digital Downloads addon
  • New Addon : Google Analytics Campaigns manager addon
  • New Addon : Email Notifications addon
  • New Addon : Google Analytics dashboard widget
  • Compatibility : Compatible to WordPress 4.6.1


And Welcome to is our new home! We are embracing the future of Analytics, so this is the perfect home for our next adventure. We hope you like our new website.


Analytify 2.0 Features:

Best way to understand Analytify 2.0 feature is to visit our new Features Page.



This new page lists all of our features with screenshot.

Here are few key features that I want to highlight with screenshot to tease you a little more.

# Geographic Stats:


# Social Stats:


# Real-time Stats:



# Purchase Tracking for WooCommerce & EDD


# Stats That Make Sense:



I could keep going on with new screenshots. But why not just install the free version. New Install takes less than a minute to setup, and if you are updating from any old version, it’s just a matter of a click to update automatically. Why would you miss all such good stuff? Understand your visitor better, and do better business with your website. Analytify is here to make it happen, easily!

Download Analytify Free Version!

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