8 Google Analytics Factors To Determine The Worth Of Your Website

There are different things that considered while evaluating the website. Some people determine the value of a website based upon the traffic. Some of them look for the revenue, that a website is making.
Everyone has their own parameters to measure the value of a website. In this article, we will do the analysis of a website based on 8 Google Analytics Factors to Determine Website Worth.

Before starting this out make sure you are already familiar with Google Analytics account, and you are using the Google Analytics on your website. If You own a WordPress website you can use Analytify to see the analytics right inside the WordPress dashboard.

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Checking the Total Number of Pageviews 

The total number of pages views means that how many times your website has been visited. These pages’ views might be from different users or from a single user. This will not be a handy parameter to find the worth of your website however, still you can get the idea that your website is being visited by people and they are going through the different pages of your website.

In order to find the total number of page views, you can either look into your Google Analytics Account. Or you can use Analytify to see them real quick.

Checking the Returning Users And New Users 

If you are getting returning users, that means your website is giving value to people. That’s why they are returning back to your website to find the solutions. If you are getting the new users that’s mean your website is not frozen and it’s grabbing the new visitors with the time. 

8 Google Analytics Factors to Determine the Worth of Your Website

Organic or Social Traffic 

Only the traffic is not considered as the parameter to evaluate a website. The source of the traffic is also an important factor. If your traffic is coming from the search engines that means

you are having the real audience who are interested in your content. And they are desperately searching you over the search engines. 

If there are two sites and both of them have the same amount of traffic, one of them is getting organic traffic. While the other side has paid traffic sources. Which site do you think will have the more worth? Obviously the site with organic traffic. That site is getting Free traffic

Geographics Factors 

This is another important factor that needs to be considered while evaluating your website. The traffic coming from top tier countries has more worth. If you are getting traffic from top tier countries that means you are getting higher CPC and higher conversions. The website that is getting traffic from top tier counties will have more worth.

Referral Traffic 

Referral traffic means the websites that are referring their visitors to our website. If these referrals are coming from rich sources, that means you are a trusted source. That’s why you are being referred to by others. 

You can see the referral URLs inside your Google Analytics, or you can see this referral traffic inside your WordPress using Analytify.

Traffic Sources Diversity

The source of traffic plays an important role. Without any doubt the Organic traffic has great worth, but if your website is getting all the traffic from search engines and due to some reasons or updates by search engines your traffic starts to get decreased. 

But, if you are getting traffic from different sources you will be safe and you will start getting traffic from different sources.

Brand Searches

This is another important metric to look for when you are evaluating your website’s worth. If your website is being searched by name, that means you are now an authority site and people recognize you with your name.  

You can check the number of keywords that are associated with your brand name.

Bounce Rate 

The bounce rate can tell how much time people are spending on your website. If you have a low bounce rate, that means people are spending a good time on your website. Having a high bounce rate can be a worrying factor for you. 

Final Words

By looking at these 8 Google Analytics factors you can have an idea about the value of your website. However, if you plan to sell your website you can look at the other parameters too such as site age, revenue generated by the website with 8 Google Analytics Factors to Determine the Worth of Your Website.

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