5 Enhanced Ecommerce Reports That You Need To Understand Now

Relying solely on the quality of your product will fail to convert into sales. In today’s era, there are alternatives to everything. The reason why you need to understand Enhanced ECommerce Reports because it is the key to winning in this consumer-centric business environment is to understand you,r users. 

But how do you gather enough data to understand your users? And honestly, you might need data of long duration before you can make any solid judgment. Luckily you don’t need to do it yourself on a spreadsheet, Google Analytics does exactly that.

It gathers historical data about different metrics such as how the different stages of your purchasing funnel are doing, what is the overall conversion rate for your online store, what is the average order value, and so on. In this blog, you will learn about the 5 Key Enhanced Ecommerce Reports you need to read for improving your sales.

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Introducing Analytify For eCommerce: WooCommerce Addon

WooCommerce Add-on for Analytify or Analytify for eCommerce to bring Google Analytics eCommerce data for the WooCommerce shop is finally here. And all credit goes to you, the Enthusiastic WordPress Community, and user of Analytify!

Analytify For eCommerce: WooCommerce Addon
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