How To Track The Easy Digital Downloads Sales Using Analytify

If you are running a store to sell your digital products, you might be concerned about increasing your sales. But increasing sales is not possible without reading your stats and analytics right. Here, we will discuss how to track the easy digital downloads sales using Analytify. If you get enough ideas about your audience and about your top-performing products, you can put some extra efforts to take them to the next level. Tracking sales and audience behavior are very easy for Easy Digital Downloads using Analytify.

Since 2014 Google has introduced a new feature for the Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. It helps you to find the top-performing products, it tracks sales,  and tells the behavior of your customers. You can take advantage of this feature on your Easy Digital Store.

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Track WooCommerce Sales Using Google Analytics

How To Track WooCommerce Sales Using Google Analytics [Analytify]

Do you want to know how to track WooCommerce Sales using Google Analytics? If yes, you are at the right place.

Most eCommerce store owners spend a lot of money on establishing their stores and marketing their products. By doing this, they might get new customers and sales, but the ROI they get is not too impressive. But the smart players play smartly. They keep an eye on their analytics and run their campaign according to that Analytics. 

Not every store owner is tech-savvy, and the Google Analytics reporting about WooCommerce stores is too complex. At this point, the Analytify dedicated addon about Woocommerce comes into play. It helps you to understand your Analytics in a simpler and better way. You can have ideas about the behavior of your customer. 

In this article, we will discuss How To Track WooCommerce Sales Using Google Analytics.

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Introducing Analytify For eCommerce: WooCommerce Addon

WooCommerce Add-on for Analytify or Analytify for eCommerce to bring Google Analytics eCommerce data for the WooCommerce shop is finally here. And all credit goes to you, the Enthusiastic WordPress Community, and user of Analytify!

Analytify For eCommerce: WooCommerce Addon
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