Google Analytics Limits

Google Analytics Limits

Google Analytics is one of the famous and best Web Analytics tool used by millions of websites and apps. Google Analytics helps the website owners or marketing experts to analyze the insights of their websites including the behavior of visitors on their websites and products. These analytics will help business owners or marketing experts to take business decisions.

But there are some Google Analytics Limits in terms of Data collection, APIs Quota & Limitations, Accounts, Properties, and other points in the standard version of Google Analytics.

If you want to overcome these limits then you have to move to the Paid Google Analytics version which is called Google Analytics 360.

Here, we are going to discuss Google Analytics Limits & Comparison of Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 tool in this article.

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Google Analytics Limits

1) Google Analytics Account limit and Property Limit

In standard Google Analytics, you can set up 100 accounts and can add 50 properties per account which means you can create 100 accounts and a Google Analytics account contains 50 properties or websites.

100 accounts * 50 Properties = 5000 properties/websites

Note: Each Property have 25 views.

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If you want to increase the limit of accounts, properties, and views then you have to upgrade your Standard Google Analytics to Google Analytics 360.

2) Google Analytics Collection Limits and Quotas

Google Analytics tool is used by millions of websites and apps. To protect a system from receiving more information or data than it can control or handle easily, you have to ensure that there is an equitable distribution of system resources.

There are some Google Analytics limits and Quotas apply to all Google Analytics libraries, SDKs, and tags. There are both property-specific and client library-specific limits in Google Analytics.

Property Specific

This limit is applied to Web Property/Tracking ID/ Property

  • 10 million hits per property per month

If you cross this limit, the Google Analytics team will contact you to upgrade your Google Analytics to Google Analytics 360 to overcome this issue.

The following limits apply to gtag.js, Android SDK, iOS SDK, and the Measurement Protocol in Enabled Universal Analytics.

  • 200,000 hits per user per day
  • 500 hits per session

ga.js or legacy libraries

The following limit is applied on ga.js, mobile snippets, and any other legacy tracking library.

  • 500 hits per session

If you cross this limit, you have to upgrade your Free Google Analytics version to Google Analytics 360.

Limits and Quotas on API Requests

Google puts limits and quotas on API requests to protect the system from receiving more data than it’s worth or it can handle.

General Quota Google Analytics API Limits

Following quotas/limits are applied on


  • 50,000 requests per project per day, which you can increase.
  • 10 queries per second per IP address.

Reporting APIs Quota

Following Quota apply to all reporting APIs that include

  • Core Reporting API v3
  • Analytics reporting API v4
  • Real-Time API v3
  • Multi-channel Funnel API v3


  • 10,000 requests per View(Profile) per day and you can’t increase this quota
  • 10 concurrent requests per View(Profile) and you can not increase this quota

Analytics Reporting API v4 Quota(Only for this API)

  • 50,000 requests per day per project
  • The number of requests per view (Profile) per day is 10,000 that you can not increase.
  • The total number of requests per 100 seconds per project is 2,000.
  • The number of requests per 100 seconds per user per project is 1000 and you can increase in Google API Console to 1,000

Comparison: Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 Tool

Google Analytics vs Google Analytics 360
AnalyticsAnalytics 360
Perfect forSmall and Medium Size BusinessLarge Enterprises
Multiple data collection options across websites, apps, and internet-connected devicesYesYes
Data access via mobile app, API, email notifications, and moreYesYes
The advanced site and app reporting and segmentation (including real-time and user-centric reporting)YesYes
Native data onboarding integrations withGoogle AdsAdSense, and Search Console Google AdsAdSense, Ad Manager, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Search Console 
Native remarketing integrations withGoogle AdsGoogle Ads and Display & Video 360
Integration with Google BigQueryNoYes
Integration with Salesforce
Advanced AnalysisNoYes
Funnel reportingBasicAdvanced, including data-driven model
Cross-property roll-up reportingNoYes
Number of views per property200 Max400 Max
Custom dimensions and metrics per property20 Custom Dimensions & Metrics200 Custome Dimensions & Metrics
Data freshnessNot guaranteedGuaranteed 4 hours under SLA (usually faster)
Unlimited dataNoYes
Unsampled reportingNoYes
Access to raw dataNoYes
User and account administrationYesYes
Support and servicesSelf-service help center and community forumsServices, support, and SLAs provided by Google and global partner network
Payment optionsFreeMonthly Payment


So, these are Google Analytics Limits according to Analytics Accounts, APIs, Quotas, and Analytics Properties. Some of the Quotas and limits can be increased and some of them cannot. To get more access and quotas we have to Upgrade from Standard Google Analytics to Google Analytics 360 to get more access and analytics reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of Google Analytics?

Important Google Analytics Limits
No Historical Data Imports, Data Collection Limits, Limited GDPR Compliance, Strong Reliance.

How long does google keep data

Its depends upon your setting. But mostly Google Signed-in data expire after 26 month.

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