How to use Google Analytics for your clients ?

Wether You are Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO guy or Executive in a company You must know this technique to manage your client's websites in Google Analytics. Suppose you have 5 clients/websites and every website is added in your Company Google Analytics account and All these websites are running fine and giving you full insights of your visitors. Now, you are in need of giving access to your clients So they could see statistics on their own as well.

1. login to Google Analytics and you will be directed to home screen like below:



2.  See the above tabs and click on Admin screen. There you will see a list of your accounts. Of course you have setup your clients accounts with their names for betting understanding or management.

Google Analytics - Admin


3. Above are the 3 columns for Accounts, Properties and Views.  Every column has ‘User Management' option where you can give permissions for each View, Property and for the Complete Account as well. If you have 5 websites listed in property dropdown. Select any one of them and click ‘User Management', you will see a screen like below:




4. After assigning permissions  ‘Read and Analyze' to your client's email, you can ask your clients to login now their Google Analytics account. They will see only the assigned stats and can't see statistics of other clients as you have permitted them only their website stats.


Impress your clients with Analytify !!

Everyone wants to ‘WOW' their clients. If you are using WordPress you must use Analytify for each one. It makes Google Analytics SIMPLE enough for WordPress users that anyone can understand and see what is happening on their websites. It holds number of features which stands out Analytify in WordPress Users Community that no other Google Analytics plugin does. If you don't know how Analytify works, I recommend checkout this video at screenr. Following are the points to impress your clients:

  1. Check pricing link at top, You should have a developer license to install Analytify for your clients.
  2. So, You have installed Analytify on your each client website.  and want to give them surprise with awesome view of statistics.
  3. Setup the above permissions in Google Analytics for each client.
  4. Ask your client to Authenticate at their Analytify plugin settings page. It will show them only their assigned profiles in plugin settings.
  5. Enjoy!!

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