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Analytify VS MonsterInsights – Which WordPress Plugin Is Best In 2023?

Are you looking for a platform to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website? But you don’t know which plugin is best for your website Google Analytics Integration. Here, we are going to discuss the major Google Analytics plugins that are used to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website.

Here, we will discuss and compare Analytify vs MonsterInsights Plugin and discuss their differences and similarities according to their functionalities plus discuss their different features that which platform has more features or functionalities.

Analytify and MonsterInsights are one of the most famous WordPress Analytics plugins that will help you to integrate your WordPress website with Google Analytics. But also provide you different tracking features to track the website traffic or visitors and real-time traffic. These Google analytics plugins help you to take business decisions for your online platforms. But there is a huge difference between these plugins how they work and how they track the traffic of your WordPress website.

Now, let’s start

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