How to Fix Google Analytics Not Working (2024)

Google Analytics not Working

Have you ever checked your website’s analytics only to find that Google Analytics 4 is not working as expected?

This can be a frustrating experience, especially when you rely on data to make important decisions. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an important tool for businesses and website owners because it gives a lot of information about how users interact with a site and how well it works. But GA4 might not always work as expected, leaving you without access to important info. In this article, we’ll explain why your Google Analytics not working and provide practical solutions to get your analytics back on track.

How to check Google Analytics Not working?

Determining whether your Google Analytics is not working correctly involves a few key steps to diagnose potential issues. Here’s a concise guide to help you verify if your Google Analytics is working or not:

1. Check Real-Time Data

You can test GA4 real time report with new visits. 

Visit your own website, and then check if this visit appears in the Real-Time report in Google Analytics.

Using incognito mode in your browser can be a good way to test this, as it avoids issues with browser caches or cookies.

2. Look for Data in Other Reports

3. Verify Tracking Code Installation

Step 1: Navigate to Data Streams

Check whether tracking Codes are installed correctly or not through Web stream details in GA4. Navigate to Admin>>GA4 Property>>Data Streams for this.

Step 2: Check Data Stream Details

By clicking on your web stream, you’ll be redirected to the next page, where you can see Data Stream Details. It will show you if you’ve not installed tags correctly, as shown in the picture below.

Moreover, make sure the URL of your website is right.

Note: Make sure the tracking code is on every page of your website. If you’re using a plugin or CMS interface, ensure it works with GA4 and is set up correctly.

Step 3: Fix Tracking Code Issues

If data collection is inactive, you must fix it. For this, you’ll need to re-add tracking codes through Google tags if it’s not added correctly. And if you don’t know how to add tracking codes, we suggest you install Analytify Pro, a WordPress plugin, on your WordPress Site. It’ll automatically help Google Analytics to track your website data. So, you won’t need to add codes to integrate your site with Google Analytics. 

Common Issues behind Google Analytics Not Working (FIXED)

In some instances, GA4 may not track data as expected, which can be problematic. You must inspect and correct your GA4 tracking to ensure accurate data collection and analysis. 

Let’s follow the following tips to resolve GA4 tracking issues. 

1. Fix the Tracking Code Errors

The first step is to ensure that the Google Analytics tracking code is correctly installed on your website. You can use tools like Google Tag Assistant to verify the installation. If you’re using a WordPress plugin like Analytify, ensure it’s properly configured and updated. Read How to Install And Activate Analytify Pro Plugin.

2. Check Out Ad Blockers and Browser Extensions

Ad blockers and some browser extensions can make GA4 stop working. To find out if this is the cause of your problem: 

3. Examine Realtime Report

GA4 lets you see data in the Realtime report, so you can check if tracking is working right. 

To check real-time data:

Select your GA4 property and go to Realtime on the left side of the screen.

Go to your website and perform some actions. Then, check the Realtime report to see if your behavior is being tracked.

Note: If Realtime data doesn’t show up, it could be because of a problem with tracking, a delay in handling the data, or a problem with how the property is set up.

4. Check Enhanced Measurement

If you’re experiencing issues with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) not tracking data correctly, one key aspect to check is the Enhanced Measurement setting. Enhanced Measurement plays a critical role in automatically capturing various interactions and content on your site. This includes tracking:

How to Verify if Enhanced Measurement is On or Off:

  1. Access the Admin Area: Go to the Admin section in your Google Analytics account.
  2. Navigate to Data Streams: In the property column, look for Data Streams.
  3. Select Your Data Stream: Click on the relevant data stream to view its settings.
  4. Check Enhanced Measurement Status: Here, you can see if Enhanced Measurement is turned on or off.

5. Conversion Events, not Activated

Incorrectly configured events can lead to Google Analytics not working.  a significant problem: no conversions showing up in your reports, accompanied by data gaps in Google Analytics. Let’s explore what these issues might be and how to rectify them.

To track conversions effectively, it’s essential to identify and designate specific events as conversions. Overlooking this crucial step means these conversions will not appear in your Google Analytics reports. This process involves:

By heading to Admin>>Conversions, you can quickly see which conversions are turned on. Set them right so you can see Google Analytics working properly.

6. Verify User Permissions

Make sure that your GA4 property has the right user rights. If you don’t have the right permissions, you might be unable to see or change data.

You need at least the Viewer or Analyst role to the Google Analytics account or the respective GA4 property to see realtime data. If you don’t have this level of access, you will need to ask the owner or administrator of the account for it.

The administrator will navigate to Property Access Management or Account Access Management and assign you an appropriate role.

7. Verify eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics 4

If you’re noticing that your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) isn’t tracking e-commerce activities effectively, it might be because e-commerce tracking isn’t activated. 

By default, Google Analytics doesn’t automatically track eCommerce-related activities. Setting up eCommerce tracking is essential to monitor important interactions like product additions to the cart, cart abandonment, and successful purchases.

How to Fix it?

• Good news for those who use WordPress! With Analytify, you can enable eCommerce tracking effortlessly with just a click.

• To learn how, visit the guide on How To Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.

8. Conflict with Other Scripts on Your Website

One potential issue that might be affecting the performance of Google Analytics on your website is script conflicts. It’s possible that Google Analytics is clashing with another script on your page, which could even be a different instance of a Google Analytics tracking code.

When you have multiple scripts active on your site, it’s crucial to ensure they do not use the same variables as Google Analytics. This common issue can lead to inaccurate data collection or complete tracking failures.

How to Fix it?

To avoid these conflicts:

9. Errors in Custom JavaScript Code for Google Analytics

If you’re making changes to the Google Analytics code on your website, it’s really important to write/use the code correctly.

How to Fix it?

To avoid coding issues, you need to watch the following two common things:

  1. Writing Function Names Correctly: In the code, the way you write function names (like spelling and capital letters) is very important. If you don’t write them exactly right, the code might not work.
  2. Using True or False Properly: In coding, ‘true’ or ‘false’ are special words that help the computer make decisions. Make sure not to put them in quotes (like “true” or “false”) because this changes their meaning and can cause problems in your Google Analytics.

If these things aren’t done correctly, Google Analytics might not track your website data properly. But if you’re using Analytify for your WordPress site, it takes care of most of this for you, making it easier and less likely for these kinds of mistakes to happen.

10. Choosing the Correct Account or Property

If your Google Analytics is not working, may be you are choosing the wrong property or tag. It’s a common mistake, especially if you manage multiple sites or access several Analytics accounts. Using the wrong tracking property or account for a website leads to errors in your data reports.

How to Fix it?

Here’s how to solve this:

Go to your Google Analytics and carefully select the correct account and property. This is where you’ll find the specific tracking tag you need.

Use Analytify to Make GA4 Troubleshooting Easier

Analytify is a powerful tool for WordPress that makes it easier to set up and manage Google Analytics on your website. Analytify can help you fix GA4 problems in the following ways, in addition to giving you an easy-to-use dashboard for watching your analytics data:

GA4 Not Working FAQs

Q1: Why is my Google Analytics 4 not showing data? 

This can be due to several reasons, such as incorrect tracking code implementation, filters blocking data, browser issues, or ad blockers. Ensure your Google Analytics 4 setup is correct, and the tracking code is properly installed on all web pages.

Q2: How can I fix Google Analytics not working?

Start by verifying your tracking code, checking real-time reports, reviewing configuration settings, and disabling browser extensions that might block data. Also, ensure there are no JavaScript errors on your site that could interfere with Google Analytics.

Q3: What are the major reasons why Google Analytics is not showing data? 

Common reasons include incorrect configuration settings, problems with the tracking code, overly restrictive filters, and incompatibility with certain browsers or devices.

Q4: Can browser extensions affect Google Analytics? 

Yes, certain browser extensions, especially ad blockers, can prevent Google Analytics from tracking data. Try disabling these extensions and see if the data appears in your reports.

Q5. How can I resolve Google Analytics 4 not showing data?

Ensure that GA4 is properly set up, including the correct configuration of data streams. Verify that events are correctly tagged and that there are no conflicts with other site scripts.

Q6. Why is my Google Analytics not working?

This can be due to various reasons like incorrect tracking code setup, browser issues blocking the tracking, or configuration errors in your Google Analytics account.


Encountering issues with Google Analytics not working can be a significant hurdle in effectively monitoring and evaluating your website’s performance. However, by understanding the common reasons for these issues, such as Google Analytics 4 not showing data and following systematic steps to diagnose and resolve them, you can ensure your analytics are up and running efficiently.

We hope this article helped you to understand how to fix Google Analytics not working.

Have you also faced issues with your GA4 Real Time Reports? You can also check our helpful resource on How to Fix Google Analytics Real Time Not Working

Now, over to you. Did you find a solution to your Google Analytics issue, or do you have other troubleshooting tips to share? 

Join the conversation below and let us know how you tackled your Google Analytics challenges!

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