How to share your Google Analytics report with others

Would you like to learn how to share your Google Analytics report with others? Sharing analytics data is a great way to gain the trust of your customers, team members, and your business partners.

To share your Google Analytics data with your clients or business partners, you need to give them access to your Google Analytics account which is risk-taking.

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Analytify VS MonsterInsights – Which WordPress Plugin is Best in 2020?

Are you looking for a platform to set up Google Analytics on your WordPress website? But you don’t know which plugin is best for your website Google Analytics Integration. Here, we are going to discuss the major Google Analytics plugins that are used to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website.

Here, we will discuss and compare Analytify vs MonsterInsights Plugin and discuss their differences and similarities according to their functionalities plus discuss their different features that which platform has more features or functionalities.

Analytify and MonsterInsights are one of the most famous WordPress plugins that will help you to integrate your WordPress website with Google Analytics. But also provide you different tracking features to track the website traffic or visitors and real-time traffic. These Google analytics plugins help you to take business decisions for your online platforms. But there is a huge difference between these plugins how they work and how they track the traffic of your WordPress website.

Now, let’s start

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Difference Between Average Session Duration and Average Time on page

There is a confusion between the average session duration and average time on page. In this article, I’ll differentiate between these metrics. 

There are different Google Analytics metrics that most of the internet marketers keep their eyes on. These metrics are the number of visitors, the number of returning visitors, page views, bounce rate, sessions, average session duration, and average time on page. Having a solid understanding of these metrics can help you to boost your audience and traffic. 

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How to Find Top Performing Content And Improving It

Coming up with new ideas for blog writing is not an easy job, you need a lot of time to do research. During this period most of the bloggers miss a trick not to optimize their old content. Instead of looking for new content if we optimize the old content, it might bring more sales and conversions. But putting your efforts into a useless article won’t be a wise choice. You must need to find the top performing content or articles in order to optimize further. In this article, I’ll discuss how we can find the top performing article and how we can optimize it to the next level.

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How To Track The Easy Digital Downloads Sales Using Analytify

If you are running a store to sell your digital products, you might be concerned about increasing your sales. But increasing sales is not possible without reading your stats and analytics right. Here, we will discuss how to track the easy digital downloads sales using Analytify. If you get enough ideas about your audience and about your top-performing products, you can put some extra efforts to take them to the next level. Tracking sales and audience behavior are very easy for Easy Digital Downloads using Analytify.

Since 2014 Google has introduced a new feature for the Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. It helps you to find the top-performing products, it tracks sales,  and tells the behavior of your customers. You can take advantage of this feature on your Easy Digital Store.

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How To Track WooCommerce Sales Using Google Analytics [Analytify]

Most of the eCommerce store owners spend a lot of money on establishing their store and marketing their products. By doing this they might get new customers and sales but the ROI they get is not too impressive. But the smart players play smartly. They keep an eye on their analytics and they run their campaign according to that Analytics. Here, we will discuss How To Track WooCommerce Sales Using Google Analytics

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PayPal Referral Exclusion in Google Analytics

We often get questions from our WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads add-on users when their source of traffic shows payment gateways URLs like etc

One way to stop tracking Paypal as a referral source is to add to your list of referral exclusions in Google Analytics. This is because anyone who visits your website from a referral source from a URL on your exclusion list will not start a new session if they were already engaged in an active session. Continue reading “PayPal Referral Exclusion in Google Analytics”

Analytify and Cookie Notice

Since 2.1.8, Analytify added the full support for “Cookie Notice for GDPR”. Analytify will not track the user until he/she accept the cookie. To add this feature add the below code in your theme functions.php file.

* Add GA code if cookie is accepted.
function analytify_cookies_notice_compatibility( $ga_code ) {
// if cookie notice installed and cookie not accepted. Don't add tracking code.
if ( function_exists('cn_cookies_accepted') && ! cn_cookies_accepted() ) {
return '';
return $ga_code;
add_filter( 'analytify_ga_script', 'analytify_cookies_notice_compatibility' );


You may have already heard about GDPR, as I was also getting tons of emails from the online services I use on the web that they are updating their Privacy Policy.

On the 25th of May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force. European Union GDPR is the most important change regarding data privacy ever happen in the history of the internet.

Many Internet services have been scrambling to get in compliance with the new standards — and Google is no exception.  As Analtify is a famous Google Analytics plugin for WordPress we did some dramatic changes in our plugin to make your site GDPR compliance.

We have added features in Analytify that make it GDPR Compliance for our EU customers. Following are the features that can make this happen.

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