How To Get Backlinks in 2024 (Top 20 Strategies)

How to Get Backlinks in 2024 (Top 20 Strategies)

Are you wondering how to get backlinks to enhance your website’s authority and search rankings?

Backlinks are more than just links. They are a testament to the credibility and quality of your content, as others have seen. And guess what? The quality of your backlinks often influences your site’s SEO and ranking on search engines. So, getting backlinks for your website is like having a vote of confidence from the web.

In this article, we will discuss what backlinks are, how to create backlinks, and the top strategies for getting high quality backlinks in 2024.

Backlinks, often called “inbound links” or “incoming links,” are simply links from one website to another.

 If another website links to your site, you have a backlink from them.

 If you link to another website, they have a backlink from you.

 It sounds simple, but the impact of these links is huge.

Always go for organic backlinks. Avoid the scams of buying backlinks.

Backlinks are important for SEO because they signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. Think of each backlink as a vote of confidence in the quality of your website. 

Search engines, like Google, see these votes and think, “Hey, if so many websites are linking to this content, it must be useful and valuable.” This recognition often translates to better rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), meaning more site visibility.

Now that we understand backlinks and their basic types let’s explore why it’s crucial to keep accumulating these SEO gems.

Impact on SEO

Backlinks significantly boost your website’s visibility and credibility. Search engines like Google use backlinks as a significant ranking signal. They see these links as endorsements from other sites. Each backlink tells search engines that your content is valuable, credible, and useful.

More backlinks typically lead to better search engine rankings, provided they are high quality. It means links from reputable and relevant sites in your industry. As your site climbs up in search rankings, it gains more visibility. This increased visibility translates into more organic traffic as more users discover your site through search results.

Furthermore, backlinks can create a snowball effect. The more visible your site is, the more people will link to it, further enhancing your site’s authority and SEO performance. This continuous cycle of gaining backlinks and improving rank is necessary for achieving sustained online presence and success.

Relevance Across Different Industries

Backlinks are universally beneficial, but their impact can vary across different types of websites and industries:

By tailoring your backlink-building strategy to your specific industry and focusing on acquiring high-quality backlinks, you can maximize the benefits and see substantial improvements in your website’s performance.

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO success, acting as crucial signals to search engines that others value and endorse your content. However, not all backlinks are created equal; the quality, relevance, and method of obtaining these links can significantly impact their effectiveness.

 Let’s discuss the top 22 backlinking strategies for 2024, which provide you with various techniques to enhance your digital presence and SEO.

Each strategy is designed to help you attract high-quality backlinks and boost your website’s search engine rankings.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to create backlinks, increase exposure, and establish authority in your niche. This strategy involves writing articles for other reputable websites in your industry, with each published piece including a link back to your site.

How to Implement Guest Blogging:

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

Pro Tip: Aim for quality in the articles you submit and the sites you partner with. High-quality content on reputable sites will yield the best backlink benefits.

Identifying and leveraging top referral sources is the best backlink strategy. This helps to create backlinks that substantially increase your site’s traffic and SEO ranking. This method involves analyzing where your competitors are getting their backlinks and targeting these sources to gain similar benefits.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Using Top Referral Sources:

Pro Tip: Always tailor your pitch to each referral source. Show them how linking to your site or collaborating with you can provide value to their audience. This personalized approach can increase your chances of securing valuable backlinks.

Creating high-quality, link-worthy content is at the heart of any effective SEO backlink strategy. This approach revolves around producing content that naturally attracts backlinks because of its value, uniqueness, or comprehensiveness.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Creating Link-Worthy Content:

Pro Tip: Always keep the user in mind. Content that truly addresses user needs, answers their questions, and solves their problems is more likely to be linked to and shared.

One effective strategy to achieve this is by incorporating valuable statistics into your content. Articles with well-researched and credible statistics tend to attract more links, as other content creators often reference these data points.

 Here’s how you can use statistics to enhance your backlink profile:

  1. Conduct Original Research

Performing original research and publishing unique data positions your website as an authoritative source. When you provide fresh, relevant statistics, others in your industry will likely cite your findings, resulting in valuable backlinks.

For example:

Conduct a survey on industry trends or consumer behavior.

Publish your findings in a detailed report or blog post.

Example title: “2024 E-Commerce Trends: Insights from Our Exclusive Industry Survey.”

2 . Regularly Update Your Statistics

Keeping your content updated with the latest statistics ensures it remains relevant and authoritative. Regular updates can also prompt other websites to link to your content as a reliable source.


Benefits of Writing Statistical Articles:

Broken link building is the best backlink-building strategy to get backlinks by identifying and replacing dead links on other websites with your own relevant, functioning links. It helps you gain valuable backlinks and improves the user experience on the hosting website by fixing broken links.

How to Implement This Strategy:

If you use SEMrush, go to the backlinks report and checkmark the Lost box. You’ll see a list of lost or broken links, as shown in the screenshot below:

Benefits of Broken Link Building:

Pro Tip: Always ensure that your replacement content is highly relevant and offers value. Webmasters are more likely to replace a broken link with your content if it significantly contributes to their site’s quality and user experience.

6. Reclaim Unlinked Mentions

Reclaiming unlinked mentions is a straightforward yet powerful technique in your backlink strategy. It involves identifying instances where your brand, product, or content is mentioned online but not linked to your site, and then reaching out to request that these mentions be converted into backlinks.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Reclaiming Unlinked Mentions:

Pro Tip: Be gracious and professional in your outreach, and always explain the benefit to the audience. Building a good relationship can lead to more backlinks in the future. That’s how to get free backlinks.

Getting contextual links is a strategy focused on acquiring backlinks within the main content of a page, rather than in sidebars, footers, or other less impactful areas. These links are highly valued because they are often seen by search engines as more relevant and authentic endorsements of your content.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Getting Contextual Links:

Pro Tip: Always ensure that the content you’re linking from is relevant to your link’s destination. Relevance is key in making sure that these links contribute positively to your SEO efforts.

8. Get ‘Best X’ List Mentions

If you are thinking on how to get high quality backlinks, getting best X list mentions is the best way. Being featured in ‘Best X’ lists is a valuable strategy to secure high-quality backlinks and enhance your brand’s visibility. These lists are often sought after by consumers looking for the top recommendations in a particular category, making them a great source of targeted traffic and credibility.

For example, LoginPress published a recent article on 11 Best WordPress Automation Tools + Plugins (Expert Pick 2024) and it mentioned Analytify in the list and gave a backlink.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Getting ‘Best X’ List Mentions:

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on new opportunities by setting alerts for new ‘Best X’ lists in your industry. Being one of the first to get featured when a list is updated can give you a competitive edge.

9. Become a Source for Other Publishers

Becoming a reliable source for other publishers is a strategic way to get backlinks. By providing valuable insights, quotes, or unique data that writers and journalists can use in their articles, you can help build backlinks and establish your authority in your industry.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Becoming a Source for Other Publishers:

Pro Tip: Always be ready with high-quality, quick responses. Journalists often work on tight deadlines, so being prompt can increase your chances of being featured. That’s how to get high quality backlinks for your website.

10. Update Old Content

Updating old content is a strategic and often overlooked method of getting backlinks. Refreshing and expanding your existing content not only makes it more relevant and useful for your audience but also attracts new backlinks, as updated content is more likely to be shared and linked to.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Updating Old Content:

Pro Tip: When updating content, consider adding interactive elements like videos, infographics, or quizzes to make it more engaging and shareable. This helps retain the current audience and attracts new visitors who may link to your content.

11. Build Free Tools

Building free tools that are useful for your target audience is a powerful method of getting backlinks. When you provide something of value at no cost, other websites naturally encourage you to link to your tool as a resource, boosting your SEO and enhancing your brand’s visibility.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Or, you may also be a WordPress developer and can develop free WordPress plugins similar to Analytify.

Benefits of Building Free Tools:

Pro Tip: Include a clear call to action on your tool’s landing page, encouraging users to explore your other offerings or to contact you for more information. It can help convert one-time tool users into regular visitors or even customers.

12. Publish Ultimate Guides

Publishing “Ultimate Guides” is a robust strategy to get backlinks. These comprehensive resources cover topics in-depth, providing valuable information that users and other websites want to reference and link to, making them a magnet for high-quality backlinks.

Let’s check an example of Analytify’s ultimate guides. These are comprehensive guides where you can find the answer to every possible question a user might have about a particular topic.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Publishing Ultimate Guides:

Pro Tip: Keep your ultimate guides updated. Regular updates not only maintain but can improve the SEO ranking of the guide, ensuring it continues to attract backlinks and new readers over time.

Using images to earn links and mentions is an effective strategy to get backlinks. High-quality, unique images such as infographics, charts, photographs, and illustrations can naturally attract attention and prompt others to share and link to your content.

How to Implement This Strategy:

For example:

Benefits of Using Images to Earn Links & Mentions:

Pro Tip: Regularly update your image content and keep track of where your images are being used. This can help you negotiate backlinks from sites that are using your images without proper attribution.

14. Use Directories (They still work!)

Using directories to earn backlinks may seem like an old-school method, but when done correctly, it still can be a valuable SEO backlink strategy. The key is to focus on reputable, industry-specific directories that enhance your online presence and SEO.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Using Directories:

Pro Tip: Always prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to directories. A few high-quality directory listings are much more beneficial than numerous listings in low-quality directories.

15. Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting is an increasingly popular way to gain exposure and get backlinks by appearing as an expert on relevant podcasts within your industry. This method not only helps in building your brand but also provides opportunities for hosts to link back to your website in their show notes.

With over 500 million listeners and 5 million active podcasts worldwide, the podcasting industry continues to expand, offering exceptional opportunities to enhance authority, link building, and improve search rankings.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Podcast Guesting:

Pro Tip: Always follow up with the host after the episode airs. Thank them for the opportunity, and suggest staying in touch. Building a good relationship may lead to more guest spots or other collaborative opportunities.

16. Influencer Outreach

Influencer Outreach is a dynamic strategy to get backlinks by leveraging the reach and authority of influencers in your industry. Collaborating with influencers can significantly amplify your content’s exposure and lead to valuable backlinks from their platforms.

How to Implement This Strategy:

Benefits of Influencer Outreach:

Pro Tip: Tailor your outreach to each influencer by showing that you understand their work and audience. Personalized approaches are far more effective than generic pitches.

Resource page link building involves getting your website listed on pages that curate resources relevant to a particular topic in your industry.

How to Implement:

Benefits for Backlinking:

Pro Tip:

Instead of one-off link requests, focus on building long-term relationships with webmasters. Offer to reciprocate by sharing their content or featuring them in your own resource lists.

18. Testimonials and Case Studies

Let’s learn how to get backlinks to your websites using testimonials and case studies.

Offering to write testimonials for products or services you use or providing detailed case studies can lead to backlinks from respected businesses’ websites.

How to Implement:

Benefits for Backlinking:

Pro Tip: Ensure your testimonials and case studies are authentic and specific. Generic or insincere testimonials are less likely to be accepted.

Analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to discover where they are getting their backlinks and target the same sources.

How to Implement:


Since these sources are already linked to competitors in your industry, they are more likely to consider linking to your content as well.

Replicating high-quality backlinks can boost your search engine rankings and increase your site’s authority.

Pro Tip: Regularly check your competitors’ backlink profiles to stay updated on new links they acquire and seize timely opportunities.

Creating a scholarship and promoting it to educational institutions can secure backlinks from .edu sites, which are highly valued by search engines.

For example, Coursera is well known for its scholarships and grants, as well as free courses.

How to Implement:


Pro Tip:

Promote your scholarship through press releases and social media to maximize exposure and attract more educational institutions to list your scholarship.

Bonus: Alternative Ways to Increase Organic Search Traffic 

Utilizing advanced SEO and analytics tools can provide deeper insights into your website’s performance and identify potential areas for improvement.

Analytify, an all-in-one solution, helps you track important metrics without leaving your WordPress interface.

Read our complete guide on How to install and activate Analytify.

To truly enhance your site’s organic search performance, a holistic approach to SEO is essential.

Read our complete guide on How to Improve Organic CTR (15 Proven Strategies).

1. What makes a backlink high quality?

A high-quality backlink comes from a reputable and relevant source that shares a similar audience to your own. The site should have authority in its niche, evidenced by its domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). The backlink should also be contextually integrated into the content, not just randomly placed or in a list of links. Moreover, the linking site should not be involved in spammy practices or link schemes.

2. How many backlinks do I need to improve my SEO?

No fixed number of backlinks guarantees improved SEO. The focus should be on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity. A few high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites can be more beneficial than numerous low-quality ones. SEO improvements are also influenced by other factors, such as on-page SEO, content quality, and user engagement.

3. Are nofollow links worth pursuing?

Yes, nofollow links are still worth pursuing. While they don’t pass on link equity, they can still bring valuable traffic to your site and contribute to your brand’s visibility. Additionally, a natural backlink profile should include a mix of dofollow and nofollow links to appear more organic to search engines.

4. How do I get backlinks from top industry sites?

To get backlinks from top industry sites, focus on creating valuable content that appeals to the interests and needs of their audience. Engage with these sites through comments, forums, or by sharing their content. You can also reach out directly with a well-crafted pitch for guest posts or suggest content collaborations that provide mutual benefits.

5. What are the risks of buying backlinks?

Buying backlinks can lead to severe penalties from search engines like Google, including the possibility of your site being deindexed. Search engines have algorithms designed to detect unnatural linking patterns, and buying links typically violates these guidelines. It’s much safer and more beneficial in the long term to invest in organic backlink strategies.

6. How often should I check my backlink profile?

It’s a good practice to check your backlink profile regularly, at least once a quarter. This allows you to monitor the growth and health of your backlinks, identify any potentially harmful links, and strategize ways to get more beneficial backlinks. Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Google Search Console can help you monitor and analyze your backlink profile effectively.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this comprehensive guide on backlink strategies, it’s important to remember that building a good backlink profile is not an overnight process. It requires consistent effort, strategic planning, and a focus on quality over quantity. 

The strategies outlined in this article are designed to help you attract high-quality backlinks that can significantly improve your site’s SEO performance.

We hope now you know how to get backlinks in 2024.

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Now we’d love to hear from you. What backlink strategies have you found most effective? Are there particular challenges you’ve faced in your backlink-building efforts? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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