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Add Top Cities With Advanced ShortCode On Post Or Page

WordPress Analytify has the option to show “Top Cities” stats on your specific Post/Page. For this, you have to put a shortcode on your Post/Page. 

Steps To Show “Top Cities” Stats

  1. Go to your Post/Page text editor.
  2. Then select the Advanced type from the Analytify shortcode button.

Top Cities

3. In the Advance option set the Sessions in Metrics. Next set the value which one you want to retrieve in Dimensions. (City). Sort the value with respect to Metrics (Sessions). And set the other fields on your needs.Top Cities


4. After setting the values you’ll get the shortcode like this.

Top Cities

5. Now Update your Post/Page and get the result and you will get stats just like the below 

Top Cities

This is how you can add view “Top Cities” stats of your specific page or blog post by adding the shortcode. Check our guide on how to view Top Countries stats of any page or post by adding the shortcode.

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