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Add Top Cities With Advanced ShortCode On Post Or Page

WordPress Analytify has the Analytify Shortcode block to show “Top Cities” stats on your specific Post/Page. For this, you have to put a shortcode on your Post/Page using Analytify Shortcode block. 

Step1: Login to the WordPress site

First, log in to the dashboard of your WordPress site.

Step 2: Create a New Post or Page or Edit an Existing One

You can make a new post or page where you want to show how many pageviews you’ve had.

You can also edit a post or page that is already there. For this, you need to navigate to that particular post >> edit.

edit post on WordPress

Step 3: Select Analytify Shortcode Block

First, select the Analytify Shortcode block from your post editing bar.

select analytify shortcode

After clicking the Analytify Shortcode block, a new block will open on your page.

Step 4: Choose the Advanced Analytify Shortcode

Now, select the Advanced Shortcode from the block options.


After selecting Advanced Shortcode, you’ll be navigated to its block settings on the right side of the page.

add cities shortcode

You’ll see an automatically build in shortcode on your screen. You can also adjust other settings according to your need.

 Now Update your Post/Page and get the result and you will get stats just like the below 

top cities report on WordPress  posts on

This is how you can add view “Top Cities” stats of your specific page or blog post by adding the shortcode. Check our guide on how to view Top Countries stats of any page or post by adding the shortcode.