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Analytify & API Endpoints

Following the release of Analytify 5.0 – our latest version of the popular analytics plugin for WordPress v5.0.0, we are moving completely to Rest API.

API Endpoints refer to the specific URLs used to access the different functions or resources an API provides (Application Programming Interface). Since WordPress has moved a large part of its functionality on it. It is recommended to keep it ENABLED because by disabling it, you won’t be able to create any posts with the WordPress block editor.

Here are the Endpoints we are using for that:

Analytify Core: /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_report/*

Analytify Pro: /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_pro_report/*

Dashboard Widget : /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_widget_report/*

Authors Tracking Addon: /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_author_report/*

Campaigns Addon: /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_pro_campaigns_report/*

Forms Tracking Addon: /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_forms_report/*

WooCommerce Addon: /wp-json/wp-analytify/v1/get_pro_woo_report/*

Note: If you disable the rest API, Analytify won’t work correctly.

If you have any doubts or questions related to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.