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How to Test Email Inside The Email Notifications Addon?

Wondering how to ensure that your email settings in Analytify are correctly configured? Testing your email setup is an important step before you start receiving scheduled analytics reports in your inbox. This guide will walk you through the process to send a test email using the Email Notifications Addon in Analytify.

Step-by-Step Guide to Testing Your Email in Analytify

  1. Finalize Your Settings: Before testing, ensure that you’ve correctly set up the Sender Name, Sender Email, Receiver Email, and any other relevant settings in the Analytify Email Notifications Addon.
  2. Save Your Settings: Once you’re satisfied with your configurations, click the Save Changes button. This action saves all your current settings.
  3. Locate the Test Email Button: Navigate to Analytify >> Setting.
  1. Navigate to Email Tab: Within the setting, find the Email tab.
email tab analytify
  1.  Now scroll down the page and under the Save Changes button, you’ll find the Test Email button.
send test email
  1. Initiate the Test: Simply click on the Test Email button. By doing this, Analytify will send a test email to the configured receiver email address.
  2. Check Your Inbox: After clicking the Test Email button, check the inbox of the receiver email. You should receive a test email from Analytify, confirming that your settings are correctly configured.
  3. Troubleshoot if Necessary: If you don’t receive the test email, recheck your settings, especially the email addresses, and ensure they are correctly entered. Also, consider checking your spam or junk folder.

Why Test Email Settings and Delivery?

  • Verification: It confirms that the email settings are correctly configured.
  • Avoid Missed Reports: Ensures you won’t miss out on important analytics reports due to incorrect email setup.

By following these steps, you can rest assured that your analytics insights will reach the right inboxes, keeping you and your team informed and ahead of the curve. Remember, regular testing and updates to your email settings are key to maintaining effective communication.

 If you have any queries, feel free to contact our support team.