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How to Track Easy Digital Downloads Stats

After successfully setting up the Easy Digital Downloads tracking inside your Google Analytics account, it’s time to access the Easy Digital Downloads tracking inside your Google Analytics

In this knowledge-based documentation, we’ll explain to you how to track your Easy Digital Downloads reports in your Google Analytics account and WordPress site.


  1. Install and activate the pro version of Analytify. Read How to Install And Activate Analytify Pro Plugin.
  2. Analytify connected with Google Analytics 4.  Read How To Integrate Analytify With Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for a detailed guide.
  3. Install and activate the Easy Digital Downloads Tracking Add-on the same as you did for the Analytify PRO license. License activation is necessary to automatically receive updates on your plugins page like other plugins/themes.

We assume you’ve fulfilled all the requirements successfully. Let’s start tracking Easy Digital Downloads Reports.

How to Track Your Easy Digital Downloads in Google Analytics 4

With the support of Analytify’s Enhanced Ecommerce Addon for Easy Digital Downloads, you can track your Ecommerce sales in Google Analytics 4 without any obstacle. You can track the relevant data in Realtime Report. You can track Ecommerce Purchases under the Monetization heading.

You can also have funnel exploration of the purchased journey right in your GA4 account under the Monetization section. 

To see your Ecommerce sales data in Google Analytics 4, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Check the Realtime Report

This step will also verify if your Ecommerce setup is right. You can see events relevant to your Ecommerce sales here. 

  1. Navigate to Reports >> Realtime in the menu on the left.
  2. Scroll down to Events.
  3. If Ecommerce events (view_item, add_to_cart) are happening on your site in real time, they will be shown here. It means your Ecommerce setup is right. 
realtime GA4

Step 2: Check Ecommerce Purchases Reports

Once you’ve set up Ecommerce and approved it, you can look at Ecommerce reports.

To track Ecommerce purchases, navigate to Monetization>> Ecommerce purchases.

You can see Items viewed, Items purchased, Items revenue, and many more metrics.

ecommerce reports GA4

Step 3: Analyze the User Purchase Journey

Navigate to Reports >> Monetization>>User purchase journey. You will see an automatically generated funnel of all the steps of the purchase journey from session start to purchase, as shown in the below screenshot.

user purchased journey funnel

Step 4: Make An Ecommerce Custom Report In GA4

You can also make your custom Ecommerce report in Google Analytics 4. To make a personalized report about Ecommerce sales:

  1. Navigate to Explore >> Funnel Exploration. Funnel exploration helps see customized shopping funnel reports.
  2. You can change your report by dragging and dropping dimensions like the Event name and measures like Event count.
user purchased journey funnel

How to Track Easy Digital Downloads Stats on Your WordPress Site

In order to access the Easy Digital Downloads Dashboard on your WordPress site, go to Analytify >>Dasboards >>EDD. You will be landed in the Easy Digital Downloads Analytics dashboard.

EDD addon

Inside the dashboard, you can see the main overview that can be filtered according to different dates.


Furthermore, you can see the other metrics, such as top countries by sales, Measuring ROI, Product Performance, and Coupon Analysis.


That’s all!

However, you may also like to read How To Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.

If you have any problems with the Easy Digital Downloads Tracking add-on, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.