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How to View WooCommerce Stats Within Your WordPress Dashboard

After successfully setting up the WooCommerce tracking inside your Google Analytics account, you can access the WooCommerce stats tracked by Google Analytics within your WordPress Dashboard using Analytify.

When it comes to monitoring the performance of your WooCommerce store, Google Analytics, integrated with the Analytify dashboard, provides a wealth of data. This combination gives you a comprehensive view of how your online store is performing, what’s working, and what might need tweaking.

Let’s learn how to watch WooCommerce Stats inside your WordPress site and in Google Analytics.

1. View WooCommerce Stats Inside your WordPress Dashboard

In order to access the WooCommerce Dashboard, you need to login to your WordPress site. Then, go to Analytify >> Dashboards.

analytify dashboards

Inside the dashboard, you’ll see Monetization tab. Click on it to head over to WooCommerce dashboard.

analytify woocomerce dashboard

Here, you can watch your WooCommerce Analytics stats tracked by Google Analytics.

WooCommerce stats in WordPress dashboard

Let’s explain some of the key WooCommerce Analytics stats that are tracked by Google Analytics and displayed in your Analytify dashboard.

  1. Revenue Tracking: See the total Transaction Revenue generated in a specified time period.
  2. Transactions: Track the number of completed purchases.
  3. Average Order Value (AOV): Understand the average value of each transaction.
  4. Product Checkout: Check the total number of checkout.

2. View WooCommerce Stats Inside Google Analytics Account

To track Ecommerce purchases in GA4, navigate to Monetization >> Ecommerce purchases.

You can see Items viewed, Items purchased, Items revenue, and many more metrics.

woocommerce stats inside google analytics

That’s all!

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If you have any queries regarding the WooCommerce Tracking addon, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.