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How to Install Analytify Free Version

As a comprehensive Google Analytics solution for WordPress, Analytify stands out as a great alternative to WordPress Google Analytics integrations. Its easy-to-use interface and detailed reporting features make it a strong contender for anyone looking to gain deeper insights into their website traffic. 

It not only gives you a quick look at all of your data, but it also gives you stats for each post or page right in your WordPress dashboard. In this post, we’ll show you how to install Analytify free version on your WordPress site and turn it on.


Make sure you have the following before we start:

• A WordPress site that you host yourself.

• Admin Access to your WordPress site.

• An Active Google Analytics account.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer written instructions, keep reading.

Install and Activate Analytify Free 

There are multiple ways to install the Analytify free version. However, installing Analytify from the WordPress admin dashboard is the easiest method. Simply click the links below to jump to the method you prefer:

  • Method 1. Download Analytify Core from WordPress Plugin Directory 
  • Method 2. Download Analytify Core from the WordPress Admin Dashboard 

Let’s look at how to install the Analytify plugin easily. 

Method 1: Download Analytify Free from WordPress Plugin Directory 

You can download the zip file from the WordPress plugins directory.

Analytify Download

Once downloaded the zip file, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the Plugins option. Select Add New, click the Upload Plugin button at the top, and click Choose File. Then Press Install Now. Without further add, see the screenshot below:


Once the installation is complete, click the Activate Plugin button. 


Method 2: Download Analytify from WordPress Admin Dashboard 

The steps for installing and activating Analytify are pretty easy to follow. Let’s go through them one by one.

Step 1: Install Analytify Plugin

1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Navigate to Plugins on the left sidebar menu, then click on Add New.

3. In the search bar, type Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress.

4. Once the Analytify plugin appears, click Install Now. After the installation process is complete, the Install Now button will change to Activate.

install google anallytify free version

Step 2: Activate Analytify Plugin

activate analytify

1. Click on Activate to enable the Analytify plugin on your WordPress website.

2. Upon activation, you’ll find Analytify added to your WordPress dashboard menu. Click on it to go to the Analytify settings page.

anaytify settings

3.  After clicking on Settings, you will see a message to Allow and Continue, click on it, and you’ll start 

allow analytify to integrate to Google Analytics

Step 3: Connect Google Analytics with Analytify

Now, you need to connect your Google Analytics account with Analytify.

1. Under the Analytify section in your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings.

2. Go to the Authentication tab.

3. Here, you will see a button labeled Log in with your Google Analytics Account. Click on it.

log in with google analytics 4

4. After clicking “Log in with your Google Analytics Account,” you will be redirected to the Google Accounts Authentication page; you have to select the Google Account associated with your Google Analytics account.

connect analytify with google

5. After choosing the account, you’ll need to grant Analytify the required permissions. Allow this access.

Click Allow Button

6. You’ll be redirected back to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred Analytics Profile

Note: By default, the option to install the Google Analytics tracking code is set to “Yes.” This means you don’t need to add the tracking code manually. However, if you’ve already added the GA4 code manually, you should check “No” for this option.

You will be redirected back to Analytify >> Profiles. You must select “Profiles for posts” and “Profile for the dashboard.”

  • “Profiles for posts” is the profile used for tracking users.
  • “Profile for dashboard” is the profile for showing stats on Analytify’s Dashboard.
choose analytics profile

After selection, click “Save Changes.” For most users, both these options will be the same.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully installed and activated the free version of Analytify on your WordPress website.


Integrating Google Analytics with your WordPress website has never been easier with the use of Analytify. As an efficient alternative to WordPress Google Analytics tools, it simplifies the process and offers comprehensive insights into your site’s traffic and performance. 

It gives you a lot of information about your website’s traffic, interaction, and much more. By following the above steps, you can easily install and turn on the free version of Analytify, which will improve your website’s data.
Remember that Analytify’s free version has simple analytics features. But if you need more advanced tools like real-time stats, better e-commerce tracking, or automated email reports, consider upgrading to the Pro version of the plugin. No matter which version you choose, Analytify is going to make a big difference in your website analytics. Read our guide to learn How to Install And Activate Analytify Pro Plugin.

Analytify is fully Compatible with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
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