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How to Display Front End Analytics on Your Website

We have been getting a lot of requests from users who are looking to enhance their websites with a comprehensive ‘front end analytics‘ solution.

These requests have been coming in through a variety of different channels. It is crucial to be aware of some potential safety problems, despite the fact that we understand the urge to make your stats analytics more easily accessible.

Some Important Considerations

If you choose to openly display your website’s stats analytics on the front end of your site, you run the risk of exposing important information to each and every visitor to your site. If you wish to share your analytics data with contributors, editors, or authors, the most secure way would be to simply offer them access to the Analytify dashboard. This is the case in the majority of situations. By doing so, you will have complete control over who is allowed to read this data.


Enable the Front end Analytics Feature: Read our exclusive guide on How to Enable Front End Analytics in WordPress.

Using Shortcodes to Display Front End Analytics

If presenting analytics on the front end is something you are still interested in doing, you may do so inventively by using shortcodes.

You can use Analytify shortcodes to give the front end of your website the same look and feel as the Analytify dashboard. But you have to be creative in design and code.

Below is an example of a section that was made by employing shortcodes:

general  statistics

Sample Codes

Here are the codes available at github that were used to make the above sections:

You can use these codes as a starting point and add them as needed.

Wrapping Up

The Analytify Dashboard gives you a complete and easy-to-understand view of your website’s analytics, but displaying this feature on the front end of your site needs careful thought. Always weigh the benefits of public data openness against any security risks that might come with it. If you decide to move forward, Analytify shortcodes are a clever way to keep the front-end look and feel of the Analytify dashboard.

Please make sure to follow our updates as we continuously strive to enhance our features based on user requests. If you have any questions regarding Front-end analytics, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact our support team.

Note: Always back up your website and fully test any changes in a development environment before putting them on your live site.