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How can I show a World map of visitors in front-end using a shortcode?

Displaying a world map to visualize the geographical distribution of your site’s visitors can enhance your website’s interactivity and provide valuable insights. 

Implementing this feature using shortcodes is straightforward with Analytify Pro. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on displaying a World Map of visitors using the Analytify shortcode.


How to Display World Map of Visitors in the Frontend

Step 1: Choose Analytify Shortcode Block

First, edit the post or page where you want to display visitors world map.

edit the post on WordPress

Then select the Analytify Shortcode block.


After this choose Advanced Shortcode option.


Step 2: Paste Analytify ShortCode

After selecting Analytify advanced shortcode, you need to copy the below code and past it.

paste the code

You have two options for displaying the world map, depending on your data presentation needs:

  1. For a Specific Date Range:

If you wish to display visitor data for a specific timeframe, use the following shortcode:

[analytify-worldmap start_date="2015-10-22" end_date="2015-10-28" analytics_for="full"]

Replace 2015-10-22 with your desired start date and 2015-10-28 with your end date. This shortcode will generate a world map showing visitor statistics for the specified period.

  1. For Data Up to the Current Date:

To show visitor data from a specific start date up to today, use this shortcode:


 [analytify-worldmap start_date="2015-10-22" analytics_for="full"]

Simply change 2015-10-22 to the start date you want. The map will automatically update to display data from the specified start date to the current day.

worldmap visitors display

By utilizing the correct Analytify shortcode, you can efficiently add a dynamic world map to your site, displaying where your visitors are coming from.