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WPML’s Compatibility With Analytify

If you are using the WPML plugin to translate your WordPress website and you want to track the performance of your translated website? Here, we will discuss how to track your translated website in Google Analytics.

Follow the given steps to track your translated website performance in Google Analytics & Analytify.

Note: We assume you have already installed and activated the WPML plugin on your WordPress website. Also, make sure you have Google Analytics tracking code installed on your site. To enable it, navigate to Analytify > Settings > Profile > enableInstall Google Analytics tracking code

1. Log in to your WordPress website dashboard

2. Navigate to WPML –> Languages

3. A new window will open where you will find a Language URL format window with different URL format options (Different languages in directories & Language name added as a parameter) select any of them.
wpml url format settings

4. Click on the Save button to save the settings.

Create View In Google Analytics

1. Log in to your website Google Analytics account.
2. Click on the Admin Settings.
google analytics admin settings

3. In the view column click on the Create View button.
create view option

4. Now add Reporting view name (According to your website language)and click on the Create View button.

Let’s assume that our website is in the French language, so according to the language we are creating the View name and filter (French).

add view details

5. Click on the Filters option in the French view column.

view filters option

6. A new window will open, now click on the Add Filter button.

add filter to view

7. Add filter details Filter Name and select filter type Predefine.

8. Select filter type (IncludeOnly), select source or destination ( traffic to the Subdirectories ), and select impression ( that contain )

9. Add the Subdirectory and click on the Save button.

add filter details

How To Get Subdirectory

1. Navigate to WPML–>Language in your WordPress dashboard and go to the Language URL format window.

2. Select the language part after the URL of your website

Note: Subdirectory is depended on the option that we have selected.

For example, if we select the option “Different languages in directories” then we will use /fr in Subdirectory of view and if we select the option “Language name added as a parameter” then we will add /?lang=fr in Subdirectory of View.

How To View Analytics Report In Analytify

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard

2. Navigate to Analytify –> Settings

3. In Settings Window Logout your Google Analytics Profile and Reauthneticate your Google Analytics account with Analytify

4. After the integration of the Google Analytics account with Analytify, now select the language view that you have created for your website and Enable the option “Install Google Analytics tracking code” from No to Yes.

profile select in analytify

5. Click on the Save Changes button to save the settings

6. To view the analytics in Analytify navigate to Analytify –>Dashboards.

That’s it!

This is how you can easily view the analytics of your website translated version with the WPML plugin in Analytify.

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