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Can I translate Analytify into my own language?

If a translation does not already exist here. We offer a free upgrade to another license for languages that we do not have, or sufficient updates to the existing language files.

Following are the Steps to translate Analytify into your own Language.

  1. Download and install (Free or Pro) version of Poedit.
  2. Let say we want to translate Analytify Free. Open Poedit. Click on “Create new translation” and open .pot file from Analytify -> “languages” directory.
  3. Select the language in which you want to translate. Let say I select “Urdu” and hit the okay button.
  4. Click on each string of text and enter your new translation within the translation box
  5. Once you have done with translation. Click on “Save” from the top menu. Now add the folder name to the start of the file name. In our case, it will be “wp-analytify-ur_PK.po” and save it in the “language” folder.


All done. You will see the new files in the “languages” folder with the name of “wp-analytify-your-language.po” & ““. Send these files to us at So we could add these translations to our new version.