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How To Change Comparison Graph Color In Analytify Dashboard

Since Analytify Pro 2.0.22 has released, we have added the new filter Analytify Compare Graph Colors which lets you to change the colors of comparison graphs. In order to change the graph colors, you have to simply add the code given below on your theme `functions.php` file.

* Change color of comparison graph.
function analytify_change_compare_garph_colors( $colors ) {

$colors[‘visitors_last_month’] = ‘#4e77f7’;
$colors[‘visitors_last_year’] = ‘#4e77f7’;
$colors[‘views_last_year’] = ‘#4e77f7’;
$colors[‘views_last_month’] = ‘#4e77f7’;

$colors[‘visitors_this_month’] = ‘#9626f3’;
$colors[‘visitors_this_year’] = ‘#9626f3’;
$colors[‘views_this_year’] = ‘#9626f3’;
$colors[‘views_this_month’] = ‘#9626f3’;

return $colors;
add_filter( ‘analytify_compare_graph_colors’, ‘analytify_change_compare_garph_colors’, 10, 1 );

Once you have added the code in theme functions file, you are done. If you find any difficulties while adding the code, feel free to contact our Support.