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How To Change Sender Email Using The Email Notifications Addon?

When you use Analytify’s Email Notifications Addon, you have the flexibility to change the sender email address. This means that the reports you receive in your inbox can come from an email address of your choice. It’s a great feature if you want to align the email reports with your business email or a specific department within your organization.

Steps to Change Sender Email Address for Email Reports

Here’s an easy guide on how you can update your sender email:

1. Access the Sender Email Field: To start, navigate to the Sender Email setting. Simply go to Analytify >> Settings >> Email Tab. In the Email Tab window, you will find the option to Enter Sender Email.

change sender email address in email notifications addon

2. Enter Your Desired Email Address: In the box labeled Enter Sender Email, type the email address you want to use as the sender. This is the address that will be used for sending out all your email reports.

3. Save Your Changes: After you have entered the new email address, there’s one important step left – saving your changes. Scroll down the page and click on the Save Changes button. This step is essential to ensure that your new settings are applied.

save chnages

That’s all!

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your email reports align perfectly with your business’s communication style depending on which sender email you select. Remember, small details like this can make a big difference in your overall user experience and brand perception.

If you have any problems with the Email Notifications addon, feel free to contact the Analytify support team.