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How to Track Custom Forms in Analytify?

Would you like to know how to track WordPress custom forms in Analytify?

Here, we will guide you on how to track Custom forms in Analytify by using the Analytify plugin Predefiend class “analytify_form_custom“.

Steps to Track the Custom Forms in Analytify

Follow the instructions to track the custom forms in Analytify.

1.Go to your WordPress website page where you have created a Custom form and edit that form or go to your Custom form code.

2. Now define Analytify Predefined class “analytify_form_custom” in your form

Screenshot 1 4

Note: If you want to track every custom form properly then add a form name in your custom form code like above name=”My Custom Form”

3. Now save/update your WordPress custom form file and update your code.

4. Now Enable the Custom Forms tracking of your Analytify Plugin and click on the Save Changes button.

Enable Custom Form Tracking

Note: You can use this class to track other forms as well which are not listed in Analytify Forms addon such as Kadence Forms.

That’s it!

You have successfully implemented the custom forms tracking for your WordPress website custom forms.