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Can I show Google Analytics stats in a post/page to my readers ?

Are you curious about whether you can showcase your website’s Google Analytics statistics directly on your posts or pages to your readers using Analytify? The answer is yes, and it’s a feature that can significantly enhance the transparency and engagement of your website.

Analytify, being a popular WordPress plugin, offers a smooth integration with Google Analytics. This allows you to display various statistics in your posts or pages. Here’s how you can show Google Analytics stats in post/page to show it to your reader.

Step-by-Step Guide to Display Google Analytics Stats Using Analytify

Here are two ways to show stats to your readers

  1. Front-End Stats 

You can enable and disable the Analytics under the Single posts/pages and custom post’s frontend view.

  1. ShortCodes to show stats at Front-End
analytify shortcodes

Analytify provides shortcodes that can be inserted into posts and pages. These shortcodes are customizable, allowing you to choose what data to display, like page views, bounce rate, average session duration, etc.

Benefits of Showing Google Analytics Stats

  • Enhanced Transparency: Displaying real-time stats builds trust with your audience.
  • Increased Engagement: Readers might be more inclined to explore other parts of your site.
  • Data-Driven Content Strategy: Seeing what interests your readers can help tailor your content.
  • Boost in Credibility: Real-time data adds a layer of professionalism to your site.

Incorporating Google Analytics data into your WordPress site with Analytify not only enhances the user experience but also offers a unique way to engage and build trust with your audience. It’s a powerful feature that, when used wisely, can significantly elevate your site’s appeal and functionality.

If you need more assistance with Analytify or have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to our support. We’re here to assist you.