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Enhanced eCommerce Tracking with Analytify 

Analytify, a popular WordPress plugin, tracks and shows website data from Google Analytics to the WordPress dashboard. One of the most common questions about Analytify is whether it allows Enhanced eCommerce tracking and, if so, how it works. 

Our knowledge-base article will answer this question and show you how to use this plugin for different eCommerce platforms.

GA4 Enhanced eCommerce Tracking (WooCommerce and EDD)

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking works with Analytify. Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking gives you specific information about how customers use your online store, such as how often they see a product, add it to their cart, make a purchase, and get a refund.

For those of you running WooCommerce stores, Analytify has an excellent solution tailored for you, the WooCommerce tracking addon which offers enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce. This add-on makes the whole process effortless, from monitoring sales to tracking revenue and other vital statistics. Dive into our detailed guide to Install and activate WooCommerce Add-on

enhanced eCommerce tracking

However, if you run an Easy Digital Downloads Store instead, don’t worry; we’ve also got you covered. You must Install and activate the Easy Digital Downloads Tracking Add-on to keep up with your store’s performance.

Note: These GA4 enhanced eCommerce addons are exclusive to the Analytify Pro Plan

What does Analytify track with Enhanced eCommerce?

The improved e-commerce tracking add-ons of Analytify are made to work with WordPress e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. When set up right, Analytify will automatically keep track of and report the following information:

1. Analysis of Shopping Behavior: This includes the number of sessions, product views, add-to-carts, checkouts, and transactions.

2. Checkout Behavior Analysis: You’ll see each user step in the purchase process, from looking at product details and adding a product to the shopping cart to the final purchase.. 

3. Product Performance: Look at reports to see how sales, numbers, average prices, and refunds are going for each product.

4. Sales Performance: This shows how much money your online store made and how many sales happened during a certain time.

How To Enable Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Tracking?

To start tracking your eCommerce store, you need to enable the eCommerce tracking in your Google Analytics account. 

Read our exclusive guide on How To Enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.

Enhanced E-commerce tracking provides a valuable way for e-commerce businesses to understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions to improve their sales. Remember to set up your Google Analytics and Analytify settings properly to get the most accurate and insightful data.

After successfully enabling Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking, learn How to Find Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics Reports in Google Analytics.

If you need further help enabling GA4 Enhanced eCommerce Tracking, please contact the Analytify support team.