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Fix User Rate Limit Exceeded Issue

To fix “User Rate Limit Exceeded Issue” please follow the below mentioned steps. We assume that you have set up custom API keys already and then facing this User Rate Limit Exceeded Quota Errors.

To fix this, you need to raise the limits in Google APIs.

Step 1: Sign in your google developers console project.

Step 2: Select the project from the top panel.

Step 3: Select the project from the menu options.

Step 4: In the API section below click “Analytics API”.

Step 5: Select the Quota Tab

Step 6: Click Edit (Pencil Icon) on Queries per 100 seconds per user, Increase the limit to 1000 and Save it.

Step 7: Click Edit (Pencil Icon) on Queries per 100 seconds, Increase the limit to 2000 and Save it.

Make sure the changes made are saved.
Queries per day: 50,000
Queries per 100 seconds per user: 1000
Queries per 100 seconds: 2000

If there are any missing steps or Google has changed their console project user-interface, check out the video below.