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How to Force Analytics Traffic Over SSL Using Analytify?

Are you concerned about securing your website’s analytics data, especially when your site is not HTTPS-enabled?

In the digital age, data security is paramount. For websites not using HTTPS, the concern often lies in whether their analytics data remains secure. Google Analytics, by default, encrypts data for HTTPS websites but not for those on HTTP. Fortunately, for users of the Analytify, there is a straightforward solution to enforce SSL encryption on analytics traffic, ensuring data security even on HTTP sites.

Why Force SSL for Analytics Traffic?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is critical for safeguarding data transmitted over the internet. By forcing analytics traffic over SSL, you protect sensitive data from potential interception or tampering, a concern particularly vital for HTTP sites.

Steps to Force Analytics Traffic Over SSL Using Analytify

Here’s how you can activate SSL encryption for your analytics traffic through the Analytify plugin:

  1. Navigate to Analytify Settings: Begin by logging into your WordPress dashboard. Go to Analytify >> Settings.
Analytify settings
  1. Click on Adbvanced Tab:  After clicking on settings, you’ll see an Advanced tab on the dashboard.
  2. Find the SSL Option: In the Advanced settings section, look for the option labeled Force Analytics Traffic Over SSL.
force analytics traffic over SSL
  1. Enable the Feature: Turn on this option to enforce SSL encryption on your analytics data. This action ensures that, regardless of whether your site is on HTTP or HTTPS, your analytics traffic is encrypted.
  2. Save Your Changes: After enabling the toggle, don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button to apply your new settings.
save force analytics over ssl

What Happens Next?

Once activated, this setting forces all analytics traffic to be encrypted, adding an essential layer of security to your site’s data transmission. This feature is particularly beneficial for sites still operating on HTTP, providing an added security measure that protects both your site’s data and the privacy of your visitors.

This simple yet effective measure ensures that your analytics data remains protected, contributing to the overall integrity and trustworthiness of your website. 

Feel free to contact our support team, if you have any further queries.