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How to Enable the Front-end Analytics in WordPress?

Analytify is a popular analytics plugin for WordPress that gives comprehensive information about how well a website performs and how people use it. With Analytify, you can easily understand and analyze your website’s traffic, user interaction, and other key metrics thanks to its easy-to-use front-end analytics data display. 

Analytify offers the ability to view the statistics of a post on both the backend (editor) view and the frontend view of a post. 

By utilizing the front-end analytics data feature, the allowed users can conveniently access detailed statistics for any post or page. This feature is a valuable and user-friendly resource for accessing post and page information. 

This article will show you how to use Analytify’s front-end analytics data in WordPress and its different parts and features.

Let’s get started!


  1. Analytify Pro installed and activated. Read How to Install and Activate Analytify Pro Plugin.
  1. Your Google Analytics account integrated with your WordPress site. Read How To Add Google Analytics 4 to a WordPress Site

How to Enable Front-end Analytics Data 

Sign in to your WordPress site and navigate to Analytify >> Settings.

anaytify settings

Then go to the Front tab.

By enabling front-end analytics, Google Analytics will appear under the posts, custom post types, or pages at the front-end.  To enable this feature,  navigate to Disable front-end button and turn it to No.

Then, go to roles. By default, it shows stats to admin only, but you can change that to any user role it’s advisable that you don’t open it for everyone.

Then you can explore other options like:

  • Enable analytics on post types: You can choose the post types. For example, posts and pages. Front-end data will be shown in those post types.
  • Front-end analytics panels: Under this option, you can select which statistic panels you want to display on the front-end.
  • Exclude analytics on specific pages: This option lets you exclude front-end analytics from certain pages of your choice.

After making all the changes click on the Save button.

analytify front-end analytics

All done! You’ve successfully enabled front-end analytics data feature.

Verify Front-end Analytics Data

Go to any published post or page and click on the view post.

view post

Once the page or post is opened, you’ll see ANALYTIFY view Google Analytics, as shown below.

analytify view Google Analytics

By clicking on this orange button, General Statistics will pop up.

see general statistics

Analytify’s front-end analytics data in WordPress offers a user-friendly and visually appealing way to understand and analyze your website’s performance right from the post. Analytify empowers website owners to make informed decisions and optimize their online presence. By leveraging Analytify’s powerful analytics capabilities, you can enhance user experience, drive more traffic, and achieve your digital goals.

If you have any problems with the Front-end analytics data tracking, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.

Analytify is fully Compatible with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
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