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How Can I Find The Google Analytics Search Terms In Analytify Plugin?

Would you like to know that what keywords or search terms people are using to find your blog or website? Google search console or webmaster tool helps you to discover the search terms that people are using to find your website.

Analytify plugin will help you track the analytics of search terms within your website’s WordPress dashboard without opening the Google Search Console. For the search terms analytics in Analytify, you need to enable the Site Search tracking in your Google Analytics account.

In this informative guide, we will show you how to view the search terms analytics of your website in your Analytify plugin dashboard.

Note: You have to install and activate the Analytify Pro plugin to view the search terms analytics of your website or blog.

How To View Your Google Analytics Search Terms Report In Analytify

To view the search terms analytics, do the following steps given below:

  1. Access the Dashboard: Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Analytify >> Dashboard.
analytify dashboard hoover
  1. Locate the Engagement Option: In the Analytify dashboard, look for the Engagement section.
  2. Find Search Terms: Hover over the Engagement option. A drop down menu will appear, where you’ll see the Search Terms option. Click on this to proceed.
analytify search terms
  1. View Analytics: Upon clicking the Search Terms option, a new window will open displaying the search terms analytics. Here, you’ll get insights into what search queries are driving traffic to your site.
analytify search terms analytics dashboard 1

How to View Search Terms Insights in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics offers the capability to automatically monitor the searches conducted through your website’s search function. This allows you to see what users look for when navigating your site for particular pages, posts, or products.

search term GA4

For a more detailed method on how to connect GA4 to the search console and see the search terms report, read our Complete Guide.

That’s it!

This is how you can view your website search terms analytics without any configuration.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact our support team.

Analytify is fully Compatible with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
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