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How to Host Google Analytics Locally with Analytify?

Most websites rely on third-party servers like Google Servers to host scripts and libraries for services like Google Analytics. 

However, this knowledge-based article will explore how Analytify lets you host Google Analytics locally.

By doing so, you can optimize your website’s load times, address caching issues, and overcome potential challenges posed by ad blockers.

The Problem with Third-Party Servers

You might wonder, “What’s the issue with hosting Google Analytics on Google’s servers?” While it might seem like the logical choice, here are some drawbacks:

  1. Latency: Every millisecond counts in the online world. Fetching the Google Analytics libraries from Google’s servers adds milliseconds to your page load time.
  2. Browser Caching: Google’s cache settings for their Analytics libraries may not align with your optimal settings, preventing you from fully leveraging browser caching.
  3. AdBlockers: The bane of analytics! AdBlockers can prevent Google Analytics from tracking user interactions, giving you an incomplete data picture.

Why Host Google Analytics Locally (Benefits)

Hosting Google Analytics locally on your server offers game-changing advantages. Let’s discuss it.

1. Optimizing Page Load Times 

Hosting Google Analytics locally with Analytify can optimize page load times. Google Analytics scripts placed on third-party servers can slow page loading. With local hosting, you get control over the servers, speeding up the entire process.  By reducing website load time by milliseconds, you improve user experience and impact search engine rankings. 

2. Leverage Browser Caching

Using browser caching helps optimize websites. When Google Analytics scripts are hosted externally, you might encounter issues with browser caching settings. You can resolve these caching issues by hosting Google Analytics locally with Analytify. This means that your website’s assets, including the analytics script, can be stored in the visitor’s browser cache, reducing the need to download them on subsequent visits and improving page load times.

3. Automatic File Updating

AdBlockers are commonly used browser extensions that can block scripts and content from third-party domains, including Google Analytics. Hosting Google Analytics locally with Analytify addresses this challenge. 

Analytify automatically updates the file, including its name, every 24 hours, ensuring that even if an AdBlocker blocks one version of the script, it will be a different file the next day. This clever approach bypasses AdBlockers, allowing you to gather accurate analytics data even when users have these extensions enabled. 

Host Google Analytics Locally with Analytify (4 Easy Steps)

Ready to take control of your website’s performance? Here’s how to set up local analytics with Analytify:

Step 1: Install and Activate Analytify

If you haven’t already, download and install Analytify by going to the WordPress plugins section on your WordPress dashboard. Read more: How To Install and Activate Analytify.

image 4

Step 2: You’ve Activated Analytify – What Now? 

Once Analytify is up and running, navigate to Analytify Settings >> Advanced tab.

image 5

Step 3: Scroll Down to “Host Google Analytics Locally” Button

Within the Advanced tab, scroll down and find the Host Google Analytics Locally button. Toggle on this option.

Host google analytics locally

Step 4: Save the Settings

After enabling the local analytics option with Analytify, scroll down the page and click on Save Changes.

image 3

All done! Analytify will now start hosting Google Analytics locally on your domain/server.

Pro Tips for Local Analytics

  1. Regularly Check Your Logs: Ensure that tracking is functioning as expected.
  2. Monitor AdBlocker Reports: Monitor your analytics to see if the AdBlocker bypass feature works as intended.


Hosting Google Analytics locally is not just for the tech-savvy. With Analytify, even those who aren’t tech experts can easily set it up. You’ll improve page load times, have more control over caching, and sidestep AdBlockers. 

So why wait? 

Switch to locally hosted Google Analytics today and steer your website toward a faster and more efficient mood.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Analytify’s support team.