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How to Add Simple Shortcode in Post or Page

WordPress Analytify have tons of shortcode , so user can use plugin functionality anywhere he want. Yeah we know remembering all shortcode are difficult thats why WordPress Analytify have option to create the shortcode in text editor with just few clicks . Normally Analytify have two types of shortcode.

1- Simple Shortcode

2- Advanced Shortcode

In Simple shortcode, you just need to set the Metrics and Visibility role Only.

Metrics are the quantitative measurement, the Metrics session is total number of sessions. The Metrics Pages/Session is the average number of pages viewed per session.

You can set any Session from Metrics and set the Visibility role for present the total number of sessions.

Here is Example for getting total number of Users of this site.

Get the number of Visitors by using Simple shortcode

First Select the Simple type from Analytify shortcode button.

Simple Shortcode


In Metrics Select the option which one you want ti show. (e.g Total number of user or page views)

Next, Select the Visibility option. Who can see the result of this shortcode.

Simple Shortcode


After set the value you'll get the shortcode.

Simple Shortcode

Now Update your Post\Page and get the result 🙂

Simple Shortcode