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How To Change Email Subject For Your Analytics Reports?

Do you want to change the email subject line of your Analytics report emails to make them stand out in your client’s inbox?

Let’s learn how you can easily customize the email subject line using the Email Notifications Addon offered by the best Google Analytics plugin.

Customizing the subject of your Analytics report emails is very easy with the Email Notifications Add-on in Analytify.

Steps to Change Email Subject using Email Notifications Addon

Here’s a simple guide to make your emails more impactful having a proper email subject line:

  1. Navigating to the Email Subject Setting: First, head over to Analytify>>Settings.

In the settings dashboard, click on the Email tab. In this section, you’ll find the option to modify your email subject.

  1. Setting Your Custom Subject: Within the Email Tab, there’s a designated field for the Email Subject. Here, you can craft and enter the subject line that best fits your needs.
change email subject
  1. Saving Your Changes: Scroll down the page and click the Save Changes button. Make sure to do this to ensure your custom subject line is applied to your outgoing emails.

Remember: A well-crafted subject line can make a significant difference in your email communication, making your reports more noticeable and professional.

If you face any problems, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.