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How To Check Google Analytics Tracking Code Installed Twice?

We see a lot of people have Google Analytics tracking code installed twice and of course, without even realizing it. But if you do so, you will get two page views logged for every visit, which will have impacts on artificially inflated stats.

But it’s the quickest way to check if you have this problem. Follow the steps:

  1. Open any blog post from your site in Chrome or in any other browser that you use
  2. Now right-click on the page and click View Page Source
  3. Now press CTRL +F (If you are using Windows) or Command-F (If you are using Mac) and search for your Google Analytics ID. This will look something like G-XXXXXXXXXX
  4. If you have set up Google Analytics correctly then you should get one result.

In case, if you found 2 or more Analytics ID, then it’s time to look further.