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How to Enable GA4 Scroll Depth Tracking Inside Analytify?

With the GA4 Scroll Depth feature, you can observe the scrolling activity of your users to see how far down they are scrolling your pages. You will be able to see the scroll percentage done by your visitors on your website. And you will have a better idea about the interaction of your visitors with your website. In this way, you will be able to improve your content layout and can find a better place for ads to display.

In this article, we’ll show how you can enable this feature in Analytify and track google analytics scroll depth for your WordPress site.

How to Enable GA4 Scroll Depth Tracking in Analytify

Follow these steps to activate the GA4 Scroll Depth tracking using Analytify:

  1. Navigate to Analytify Settings: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Analytify >> Settings.
analytify settings
  1. Navigate to Advanced Tab: After clicking on settings, click on Advanced tab.
GA4 scroll depth
  1. Locate the Scroll Depth Option: Inside the Advanced settings, find the Scroll Depth setting.
  2. Activate the Feature: Enable the Scroll Depth tracking and remember to click on the Save Changes button.
save scroll depth

All done! You’ve successfully enabled scroll depth tracking.

Where to View the GA4 Scroll Depth Stats in Analytify

1. Accessing Admin Settings:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Then, navigate to Analytify >> Settings >> Admin tab.
analytify admin analytics pannel

Here, you need to ensure that the Scroll Depth tracking feature is included in the analytics panels you can view. 

If it’s not added in the panel list, make sure to add it  and then Save Changes.

save scroll depth changes.png

2. Viewing Scroll Depth Stats:

  • Navigate to the relevant page or post, where you want to track Scroll Depth Reach. Select that page/post to edit or you can simply click on Stats.
  • Scroll to the Analytify Stats section.
  • Select a date range and click the “View Stats” button.
view scroll depth reach stats
  • Look for the “Scroll Depth Reach” table which displays the scroll depth stats.
scroll depth reach analytics.png

Analyzing Scroll Depth Reach Table

Look for the “Scroll Depth Reach” table within the stats displayed. This table shows how far users are scrolling down your pages. It typically presents data in percentage increments like 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, indicating the proportion of visitors that scrolled to each of these points on the page.

This data is invaluable for understanding how engaging your content is and at what point you might be losing reader interest. For instance, if a large drop-off occurs at 50%, you might consider adjusting your content or placing key information above that point.

That’s all!

Feel free to contact our support team, if you have any further queries.

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