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How to Enable Google Analytics 404 Pages Tracking?

Tracking 404 pages, or error pages, is a necessary aspect of managing a website efficiently. When visitors face broken links or non-existent pages, it affects not only the user experience but also your site’s overall SEO health. Fortunately, with Analytify, enabling the tracking 404 pages is a straightforward process (Install and Activate Analytify). It provides valuable insights into broken links and missing content, enabling you to address these issues promptly. Here’s how you can activate 404 pages tracking in Analytify to keep your website running smoothly.

Steps to Enable Google Analytics 404 Pages Tracking

Step 1: Navigate to Analytify Settings

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Analytify.
  • Choose Settings from the options available.
analytify settings

This will open up the settings page where you can manage your Analytify configurations.

Step 2: Access the Advanced Settings

The Advanced settings in Analytify house several features for in-depth tracking and analysis, including the 404 page tracking.

  • Click on the Advanced tab within the Settings.
  • Here, you’ll find a range of advanced features for enhanced tracking capabilities.
analytify advanced tab

Step 3: Enable Page Not Found (404) Tracking

Scroll down the page and look for the option labeled Page Not Found (404) in the Advanced settings. This feature is specifically designed to monitor and track 404 error pages on your site.

  • Locate and enable the Page Not Found (404) option.
  • By activating this feature, Analytify will start recording instances where users hit a 404 error page on your website.
  • Hit the Save Changes button.
404 errors tracking

That’s all! This finalizes your settings, and Analytify begins tracking 404 pages.

Now, by monitoring these error pages, you can quickly identify and fix broken links, enhancing the user experience and potentially improving your site’s SEO performance. Regularly checking your 404 page reports can help you maintain a healthy, user-friendly website.

If you have any problems with the tracking, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.