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How to Enable The Page Scroll Depth Inside the Analytify?

With the Page Scroll Depth feature, you can observe the activity of your user who is visiting your website.  You will be able to see the scroll percentage done by your visitors on your website. And you will have a better idea about the interaction of your visitors with your website. In this way, you will be able to improve your content layout and can find a better place for ads to display.

In this guide let us show you how to enable the Page Scroll depth inside the Analytify plugin.

Steps to Enable The Page Scroll Depth Inside the Analytify

Follow the instructions to Enable the Page Scroll depth inside the Analytify Plugin:

  1. Go to Analytify>Settings>Advanced
  2. Inside the Advanced look for Scroll Depth 
  3. After enabling the Track User ID, click on save changes

Analytify Scroll depth feature

How to view the Scroll Behavior inside Google Analytics

In order to see the Scroll Behavior inside Google Analytics, You need to log in to the Google Analytics account. And at the same time open your website in incognito mode and make sure that you are not logged in on your website.

In accordance with the instructions,  to view the Scroll behavior inside the Google Analytics:

  1. Open your website in the Incognito mode/Private mode of your browser
  2. Login into your Google Analytics account and go to Realtime >Events 
  3. Scroll down to 80% of your website
  4. Head back to Google Analytics Realtime>Events and see if you are able to see some data in the Events section.


This is how you can enable and check the scroll depth in Google analytics. Check our guide on how to track user ID in Google analytics

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