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How to Enable the WooCommerce Email Tracking by using Analytify?

Do you want to track your WooCommerce order Emails? With the Analytify plugin, you can easily enable the WooCommerce Email tracking without any configuration. By enabling this option you can easily track your eCommerce email stats in your WooCommerce dashboard.

Here, we will discuss how to enable the WooCommerce Email tracking with Analytify.

Steps to Enable the WooCommerce Email Tracking With Analytify

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Analytify in the left menu and click on the Settings.
  2. After Clicking on the Settings a new window will open, where you have to click on the Advanced option.
  3. Inside the Advanced tab, there is an option WooCommerce Email tracking, which is by default disabled.WooCommerce Email Tracking
  4. To Enable the WooCommerce Email Tracking Click on the Toggle button and click on the Save Changes button.

Enable WooCommerce Email tracking

Congrats! You have successfully enabled the WooCommerce email tracking with Analytify.

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