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How To Get Site Search Tracking Stats In WordPress Dashboard

In the latest version of Analytify, we have added the separate section where you can get stats of site search. To get the site search stats, you need to activate “Site Search” tracking form the Google Analytics.

Here are the steps:

1) Login to Google Analytics and chooses the site in which you'd like to enable search tracking.

2) Click on the Admin Settings from the bottom left.

3) Click on “View Settings“.

4) Click on the slider to turn on the “Site Search Tracking”. Add “s” in “Query parameter” field because WordPress use “s” query parameter for search purpose. Also, check “Strip query parameters out of URL”.

After that Search tracking will be activated on your site.

View Site Search Stats

Once you have configured the Search Tracking for your site, follow these steps to view the Search stats from your Analytify dashboard:

1) Go to Analytify Dashboard.

2) Select “Search Terms” option from the right Dropdown.

3) On the Search Terms page, stats will look like this¬†👇